Thursday, October 6, 2011

A blessing and a curse.

I'm a perfectionist

I suppose sometimes it's a good thing. It's probably the reason I've gotten all the jobs & internships I've ever had, it's undoubtedly the reason I did so well in school, and it's certainly the reason my place is always sparkly clean and organized. Being a perfectionist can sometimes be a blessing...but more often times than not, it's a curse.

My blog has barely been up for 5 days and I've already given it a complete makeover. I'm sure it's normal as a new blogger to be undecided about fonts and colors and gadgets...but a complete redesign? That's reserved for the perfectionist freaks like myself.

More proof that it's a curse? I'm in my mid-twenties and I've recently been pulling out little grey hairs. I'm sorry, not grey...they are white. Yes, when I am a spunky old lady I will have long, flowy white hair. Wonderful.

Another thing being a perfectionist plagues me with is that my mind is constantly going a million miles an hour. When I'm doing something, I'm already thinking about the next 10 things I have to do. And when I lay down at night to go to sleep, I'm worrying about things like did I tivo my show last night? I wonder if my sisters remembered to call grandma on her birthday... or my personal favorite what should I cook for dinner tomorrow night? These are just a couple of the thousands of thoughts that pop in my head over the course of a few seconds. I wish there was a stop button or an off switch. 

But that's just me. A worrier, organized to a fault, and a persevering perfectionist.
Today is actually my Friday, so I'm excited to relax and recharge over the weekend! Hope you guys have a great weekend too!
Thank you to all my new followers. And I sincerely appreciate every single comment on my posts. This blog thing has definitly been a blessing...or with my personality, maybe a curse.


  1. I am so glad you jumped on the blogging bandwagon!! You will love this community of people :) I love your layout, it's adorable!!

  2. yayyy for you being a new blogger! you will soon realize what a supportive bunch everyone is in the blogosphere and i know you'll fall in love with it :)

    i like the design of your page :) sometimes being a perfectionist is a GOOD thing ;-)

  3. Thanks for stopping by - I love meeting mew blogging buds :) I'm your newest follower! Congrats with the new blog.

    Funny thing...I'm a perfectionist, too. I want to change my blog but am too scared that it'll look even worse. I'm afraid to tweet the layout. I wish there was some way to save a copy in case I screw up! Is there?

  4. beautiful post!! 8)
    i wanna invite you on my blog!!!!!
    you'll find a new post about fashion pics.
    be my follower!! i always follow back!

  5. Hello from another perfectionist... when I first got my blog I did the same thing! You'll come upon one or design one FINALLY and then stick with it! I will occasionally change my font or font color! I stay awake at night wondering did I miss something? will I have time to do __? when? My mind never stops. it honestly is a curst because with perfectionists you want things to work your way. My BF gets so mad because I stick to a strict time table of when I eat, sleep, etc!

  6. i can be so type-a! sometimes i find myself all caffeinated, jittery, mind going a mile per minute! i do yoga to chill out - as well as eat healthy (when I have the time to cook!)

    love your blog, too! :) following!

  7. I can totally relate to this - I am definitely a worrier, I don't handle change all that well, and I have like 3 different sponges being used at any one time because dear lord, do not use the counter sponges on the dishes!

  8. I think that being a perfectionist is a good thing! It definitely makes for a successful future! Your blog looks great... keep up the good work!! xox

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to visit my blog & follow back if you'd like.

    Also, check out my giveaway for a Missoni for Target hat! :)


  9. I am such a perfectionist too!

    You are totally owning at this new blog thing! :)
    Great Job, GIrl!


  10. Your blog is perfect!! Everything you do is!!! So excited to read's a great way to discover more about yourself...really...xoxo your blog fan

  11. I just came across your blog and adore it. I used to live in San Francisco and miss it terribly, so your blog immediately pulled me in ;)

  12. Welcome to this wonderful world :)

  13. I just started my blog earlier this year...and love it. Sometimes I feel like it takes too much time because I am a perfectionist about layout, typos, pictures, etc. I'm trying to streamline... But it seems like I'm only a perfectionist in certain areas of my life- stranger, no?
    I'm a new follower and I hope that you have time to check out my life in South Africa at

  14. Ha! I find that most bloggers are super perfectionists, so you're in good company. Look forward to future posts!

  15. Congrats on being a new blogger, and already having that many followers (cough, cough, I'm also following you)!

    I can see what you mean on it being a 'curse', everytime I start to cook in the kitchen, the floors have to be swept, the dishes need to be cleared from the sink, and clean, the counters have to be sparkling.. if they aren't, I go crazy.. I feel bad sometimes, but I can't cook with it being dirty!

    Happy Friday Sweetie!

  16. don't worry girl, i'm definitely a perfectionist too. it's not always a bad thing! yay for new bloggers. you're going to love it!
    xo TJ

  17. I wish I had the time to play around with my blog design! I know it needs a bit more spruce up. But I had too many things on my to do list. But then again, it doesn't mean I'm not a perfectionist, because I am just like you.

    Welcome to the blogosphere, btw. You did a great job with the blog. Looking forward for more posts

  18. Holla from Paula, a fellow perfectionist!! I know what it's like to have that curse, and I've got to say, for only having been blogging for less than a week, you've sure figured it out quick- everything looks great! Stumbled on your blog this afternoon and so happy I did because I'm your newest follower! Can't wait to hear more from you. :)

    -Paula @ Life's Little Lessons

  19. I feel you girl! I am the EXACT same way! The one thing I wish I could change is the sense of "urgency" I have with everything because my mind is racing so much. Sometimes I just wish I could relax! Hope you have a great weekend!

  20. Thanks for following and the sweet comment! Welcome to the blogging world! :) It's so much fun!! Can't wait to hear all about your planning! :)

  21. I wish your blog all of the success!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  22. I used to change my blogs appearance every season and had a bunch of different headers that I would switch up. I still do change it up occasionally.

    The important thing is the writing and the friends you make along the way. Blogging can open up an untapped resource of friends.

  23. I can totally relate to this! I am always going top-speed, and at any given moment, there are a thousand thoughts running through my head!

    I hope you had a lovely, relaxing weekend! And thank so much for the follow! Hope you're having a wonderful day!


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