Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blog Best Friends.

If you told me two months ago when I started this blog that I would make real friends all across the country, I would have said you were crazy. And I would have been dead wrong. Many girls started off as casual commenters, always giving my posts postive feedback and offering kind words. What began as a thoughtful "LOVE this post" or "your dog is so cute!" has turned into long distance friendships that I really enjoy.

One of the very first blogs I started following was Dayna's and I am so thankful I found it! I always get excited when I see I have an email from her in my inbox because the girl cracks me up! She's a firecracker from Alabama, and we have so much in common. Recently we decided to send eachother some of our favorite things...from California to Alabama and back. I was SO excited for this gift exchange...and coming home to a package from Dayna was like Christmas in November!
Everything was wrapped so cute...I almost didn't want to open it!
Dayna is a huge Roll Tide fan, and my college didn't even have a football team, so she has converted me into a Bama fan, and now I've got the shirt to prove it! The cute ice cream cone ornament is hanging front and center on my christmas palm tree, the bracelet is now part of my daily jewelry rotation, I can't wait to read the book, and HOLY COW did you see the size of those Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? They are my favorite candy, but these half pounders are really blowing my mind. They don't make them that big out here in California! 

Thank you, Dayna, for the gifts, and for being the best blog friend I ever had :)
 To see what I got her, go here.
And if you don't already follow her, you're missing out. She's the best!

And I'm so glad I started this little blog of mine. It has been a source of support, creativity, and encouragement that I never knew was out there!
Thank you to all my blog followers/friends. Hope all your weeks are flying by!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

I know I'm almost a week late with my thanksgiving recap, but it's been a busy few days since the long, wonderful thanksgiving weekend. Sigh... I miss it already!

While Corey had to stay back in the bay area due to work, I headed home for 4 days of family, food, football, and fun. 
Every year my mom cooks a fabulous feast. She is seriously the best cook! Everything she makes is delicious, which in a way has set me up for failure. My mom has been cooking for Corey for almost 10 years now, and every time I make one of her recipes, it's always "good" but "not quite like your mom's." Oh well. That just means we're always gonna have to go home for momma's cooking!

As much of the spread as I could fit in the picture!
All the girls, minus one sister who was sick in bed.
My big sister & her hubby.
My dad & I outside watching football by the fire.
Me & Mr. Colt. Love this guy!

The day after Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite days of the year. My sisters, all of our significant others, and my mom switch the house over from Thanksgiving to Christmas. This year, it was just momma, Nellie and myself, with an occasional Pixie sighting. With Christmas music and movies on in the background, we put up the tree, decorated the front rooms, and turned the Rosa household into a cozy Christmas village! (( I can't believe I didn't take pictures of this part!))
After a day of decorating, the family headed to my annual high school basketball alumni game. This has become a bittersweet tradition, where I am happy to get out there and play again, but we usually get our butts kicked by the Varsity team by at least 30 points. This year my dad coached us, and we only lost by 5! Next year...we got this!

It's always fun to see these girls and it feels great to run off all the food! 

The rest of the weekend was spent in my sweat pants (because I was so sore I could barely move), watching football, and eating left over deserts. I love spending time with my family more than anything. It was such a nice break from reality! 

Now it's time to switch gears to Christmas!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So Thankful.

I am extremely blessed.
Every year I have more and more to be grateful for.
Here are just a few of the things I am SO thankful for...

*My family.
Since the day I was born, my life has been filled with so much love. I've always known that no matter what I do, these people will 100% support me, love me, and be there for me always. These people are my life. I thank God for them everyday.

*My Fiance.
10 years ago, I was blessed with the best friend I could ever ask for. I know that I can always count on Corey for anything. I couldn't imagine a better partner to  spend my life with.

*My Best Friend.
My best friend Kari is seriously amazing. Since I met her in the 7th grade, her and her wonderful family have become my extended family. Kari is so talented, and I am so thankful she is always on-call for all my projects she helps me with. I'd be lost without her!

*The Essentials
Everyday I am thankful for my health, my job, my dog, the roof over my head, the food on the table, and all the happiness I have in my life.

*The Luxuries
I am thankful for the seat warmers in my car, Peanut Butter M&Ms, my California King pillow top bed, Taco Bell, The Ellen Show, Bath & Body Works candles, Disney movies, furry socks, and sweet tea.

*YOU! (The Blog Followers)
When I started this blog, I just thought it would be a cool way to share all my fun adventures with my friends & family, and to have a virtual journal documenting this exciting time in my life. I never imagined so many people would care to read anything I write. So THANK YOU for reading! I am so grateful that you do.

I could never put into words just how blessed I am, and I never take any of it for granted! May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SoCal Trip Part 2: Disneyland

Our second day in Southern California was spent at one of the most magical places on the planet and the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! It is absolutely amazing this time of year because the park is decorated for Christmas and a lot of the events are holiday-themed. Since we went on a Saturday, the park was pretty crowded and the lines for every ride were crazy! On our first ride of the day, we waited in line for "Soarin over California'" for about half an hour, and when we finally got to the front, the ride started having "technical difficulties." What seemed like a stroke of bad luck turned into a blessing...we were given a fast pass to any ride, and we were able to use it more than once! It was the perfect start to an amazing day.
Corey thought this would make a great Christmas card. Haha.
Reindeer! Don't they look thrilled?
The castle during the day. Looks very different at night!
Corey was bummed his favorite ride was closed for "rehab."
"It's a Small World" during the day...
"It's a Small World" all lit up at night!
At night the entire park is transformed into a Christmas wonderland. Everything lights up, the holiday music blares, and the Christmas-themed shows begin.
Main street with a view of the castle lit up.
The Christmas fireworks show is amazing!
After the fireworks, it "snows." (Which never really happens in California!)
We watched the Christmas parade where I waved to all the characters like a little kid.
And you can't go to Disneyland without a stop in the candy shop!
Corey couldn't resist this cookie/fudge/chocolate chip sundae. Yum!

We ended the day over at the California Adventures Park adjacent to Disneyland for the amazing water/light show "World of Color." It is unreal! By far my favorite thing at Disneyland. Pictures could never do it is a MUST see!

This was our last picture before my camera died. It was clearly as pooped as we were!

After 2 days of endless walking, laughing, riding, screaming, and eating at some of the most wonderful places, I have to say some of my favorite moments were when we were in the car for 14 total hours just talking, singing, and laughing. I love spending time with Corey. I'll be his co-pilot anyday! 

It was the perfect weekend getaway at the perfect time of year. It really put me in the Christmas mood! Bring on the holidays!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

SoCal Trip Part 1: Universal Studios

Isn't it crazy how you can look forward to something for so long and then in an instant, it's over? I've been dreaming about our trip to Southern California for what seems like ages, and now we're already back to reality :( But what an awesome trip it was! We stayed with our good friends in Huntington Beach (thanks Meg & Rob! love you guys!) and spent a day at Universal Studios and a day at Disneyland. We'll start at the beginning...
We spent our first full day in Southern California at Universal Studios. At this amusement park/film studio you can tour the lot of some of Hollywood's most famous studios (Desperate Housewives & Parenthood were shooting when we were there), ride movie-themed rides (The Simpson's simulated ride was amazing!), and watch live action performances of some of Universal's biggest movies. Corey LOVES movies, and we both had not been to Universal Studios since we were really little, so it was a really fun and interesting day. 

My good friends Shrek & Fiona
Beetlejuice gave me nightmares when I was little. Now he's Corey's homeboy.
Hangin' with Bart & Lisa Simpson
This picture makes me laugh. A lot.
The view of downtown Universal City from the top of the park.
Me on the Jurassic Park water ride. Alone. Corey preferred dry land.
The closest we got to Wisteria Lane. Set was closed for filming.
Part of a set from a scene in Tom Cruise's "War of the Worlds."
We drove by the infamous Bates Motel from "Psycho." Creepy.

After our day at the park, we walked around downtown Universal City, called the "City Walk." There was so much to do and see: shops, restaurants, indoor sky diving, and live music. All the bright lights and colors were amazing!
We ate dinner at a fabulous mexican restaurant. I'm not a big drinker but these margaritas were delicious!
After dinner we had some frozen yogurt and did some great people watching.
Next thing you know, a live DJ starts spinning and a dance party breaks out in the middle of the streets of downtown Universal. It was amazing!

I'm exhausted just thinking about all the walking we did! And this is only day 1! Stay tuned for our day at Disneyland!