Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So What?! Wednesday

My blog has been up and running for a little over a month and I am just now doing my first ever link up! I am linking up with Shannon over at "Life After I Dew" for her "So What! Wednesday" series...and I have a lot that qualifies for this list right now!
SO What....

If I haven't straightened my hair in over a week. I haven't had the time nor the patience to stand in front of a mirror for an extra half a hour a day. Girls got things to do!

If I still have 10 months to plan my wedding but feel like I need to have it all done, like yesterday!

If I eat Taco Bell at least once a week. I love it, don't care what's in it, and I'll work it off later. 

If I buy my staples at the Dollar Store. It's the same dish soap, sponges, and toothe paste no matter where you buy it!

If I watch reality television (I love Kendra, Bethanny and Giuliana & Bill) and feel like I personally know these people. Ask me anything about them. It's sad, but I'll probably have all the answers.  

If I haven't made my Christmas list, decorated for Christmas, or haven't even started thinking about shopping for Christmas yet. I like to give Thanksgiving its due diligence!

If I exchange emails at least 3 times a day with my new BBF (blog best friend), Dayna at A Bama Belle & A Bucket List. Girl cracks me up and she's awesome ya'll!

If I haven't painted my toe nails since summer. It's cold outside and I won't be wearing open toe shoes any time soon. 

If I watch Ellen a day late (due to my work schedule) and always dance with her when she says "Let's dance." It's my daily exercise!

If I don't shave my legs everyday. If Corey doesn't care, then I'm good.

If I can eat an entire large bag of peanut butter M&M's in one sitting and not even feel bad about it.

If I'd rather hang out with my parents and their friends than go out to bars and clubs and all that jazz. I may be a 20-something grandma, but these are my people and home is where my heart is :)

I feel like I could go on and on! 
What are some things that you guys are saying "So What!" to?


  1. Ok, pretzel M&M's is where it's at. Just sayin....I could eat a whole bag of those puppies!

  2. I can agree with everything on your list, minus the wedding stuff :)

  3. Um, I love Taco Bell. And I too have not even begun to think about Christmas! AH!

  4. I just thought, "me too!" "me toooo!" "oh my gosh! meeee tooooo!!" on just about every single one of these! Two peas in a pod across the US. SERIOUSLY.

  5. I loved all of these and your not allown, those reality people are my friends too haha!!

    Loved the post, need to link up sometime!!!

    I haven't figured out the whole button thing, gonna work on it tonight and let ya know how it goes!!

  6. omggg I am so with you on the painting your nails.. once my sandals go up they are forgotten about !

  7. love all these!! i'm with you on reality tv. i feel like they are my friends...especially from twitter!

  8. Oh I Looove me some peanut butter M&M's and they go perfectly with some reality TV.

  9. I'm with you on painting your nails... its so hard to care once you don't see them! And oh my gosh, I'm such a reality TV junkie too... Bethenny is my favorite! Have you read any of her books?

  10. love this! you have such a cute blog. :)

  11. One of my goals is to get you tickets for Ellen--I don't know a more devoted fan or deserving person...LOVE all these things...I was born a stay-at-home I-hate-bars grandma...and plus you have the most awesome family so no need to go & have to hang out with less awesome people. I LOVE your blog!

  12. hahah! im all about reality tv, eating m&ms, not shaving legs everyday and staying home instead of going out! love this list!!!


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