Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas classics.

Is it really already December? I can't believe how fast time flies.
I love the holidays! It really is the most wonderful time of the year!
These are a few of my favorite things...

*Christmas Music
I have been listening to the N'SYNC Christmas album every year since I was in the 7th grade! And Mariah's "All I Want for Christmas" is a classic. Two of my new favorite Christmas CD's are Michael Buble and Dave Barnes. I have been listening to them nonstop!

*Christmas Movies
Every year I watch a different holiday movie every night leading up to Christmas. Home Alone is my all-time favorite...I could literally quote every single line from that movie! I'm sure my sisters are sick of hearing "look what you did you little jerk!" and "when I grow up...I'm living alone!" Lol. And The Santa Clause & Christmas Vacation are definitely classics!

*Christmas Lights
 I am obsessed with anything that lights up, so this is the perfect time of year for me! I love driving around looking at people's Christmas lights on their house, and I honestly get a little sad and disappointed in all the houses with no lights. I squeal like a little five-year-old when I drive by a place that is all lit up! Sometimes it scares the crap out of Corey when he's driving, but I can't help it!

*Christmas Spirit
There are no pictures that could demonstrate the feelings I associate with the holidays. I love the energy, the warmth, and the goodwill that comes with Christmas. Every one is running around like crazy, buying gifts for everyone but themselves. And I love how excited little kids get waiting for Santa Clause! There's nothing like the holidays.

*Christmas Goodies

I love everything else that comes with Christmas, including baking cookies, wrapping presents, and spending time with family. I love candy canes, cinammon-scented candles, secret santa gift exchanges and poinsettias. I've always wanted to go carolling and I still believe in the spirit of Santa!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! 
Now would probably be a good time to start my shopping!
Some pictures via Pinterest


  1. Stumbled upon your blog recently and love it. I also love the fact that you named things that I am obsessed with. I watch The Santa Clause and Home Alone every year. They are my favorite.

    Also, did you know that Mariah Carey redid "All I want for Christmas" with Justin bieber (sp).

    Again,I love the blog.
    XO Lourdes

  2. Oh gosh. I love love love the NSync Christmas cd. It's my all-time fave! The new Michael Buble is good also. Of course Mariah is up there on my list too! I just love Christmas lights! Riding around and looking at all the houses lit up just makes me smile. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! :)

  3. I'm pretty much obsessed with this whole post! I love that you still listen to NSYNC...but really, who doesn't? Love all of those movies, too!! I can't wait to bake some Christmas cookies!

  4. I listen to all those CDs as well-- Especially Mariah, she's my girl ;)

    Hubby and I and another couple are going to our local zoo lights/festival tonight and I cannot WAIT!!! Yayyy for Christmas :)

  5. Definitely still have the N*Sync christmas TAPE you made me! I remember decorating your room with lights every year! Ahh I miss you!

  6. I am so behind on the holiday spirit this year. I need to get a move on!

    Nsync Christmas...awesome!

  7. I love this post!! It's so bright and cheery :) We watch countless movies too leading up to Christmas, my fave's are Elf, Christmas With the Kranks, and Santa Clause 1, 2 & 3. I have Mariah's album and I have been plaing Mr Buble everyday...his voice is so dreamy!! It is a wonderful time of year isn't it? Now get out there and go shopping!! ;)

  8. we totally share the same favorites as far as Christmas movies and music goes! I am absolutely in love with Michael Buble! He is so incredible! Love your blog!

  9. There is SO much to love about this post & Christmas! Definitely put me in the Christmas spirit. Thanks!

  10. You're right...I should just blare some Christmas music!! (or check your blog more often!) Thanks for the note. xox

  11. ah love all of this. Christmas music, decorations.... everything. Makes me so happy.

    I am a new follower, found your blog on Dayna's!

  12. It certainly is the most wonderful time of the year! I love all the excitement!

  13. Serious amazing time of year, love it ALL!

  14. what a festive post! i am loving it all. all the lights make me so happy. nothing like the christmas sparkle. i am loving your newly decked out header, too!

  15. Love this post!
    Have you ever heard of/listened to the Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas album? Some of the songs are different but have they have some amazingly cool songs, too! Definitely recommend them :)
    And A Christmas Story is a tradition in my home... we HAVE to watch it at least once each Christmas :)

  16. Good morning! I just wanted to let you know that I am passing the Liebster Blog award on to you! Please check out my blog and pass it on :)

  17. I had that Mariah Carey Christmas album in cassette form & recently just downloaded it on my phone. I also still watch The Santa Clause, on my VHS player! Love it!

  18. Love everything about this post! You nailed the movies and music choices!


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