Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This Christmas.

Is it just me or did Christmas come & go way too fast this year?

Every Christmas with my family is always wonderful, but this one was one of my favorites. Not only did we get spoiled rotten (as usual), but we were all able to spend Christmas day together. With 4 girls that all have a husband/fiance/boyfriend, it is sometimes tough to get everyone at the same place at the same time. Mission accomplished on this very merry Christmas.

Our family keeps growing and growing!
My Christmas vacation started with my sister Nellie and I driving around town looking at all the pretty Christmas lights while we sipped on hot chocolate and I sang Christmas songs to her unborn baby (I firmly believe that baby loves the sound of my voice!)
Pictures don't quite do it justice, but you get the idea.
On Christmas eve, I had to work. There are no holidays in television! So I drove an hour and a half back to San Francisco, worked a short shift (where the bosses fed us a delicious prime rib dinner), and then headed back home to spend the rest of the evening with Corey's family. We sat by the fire and chatted for a while before heading to what I believe was the longest midnight mass of all time. I've been going to midnight mass on christmas eve with Corey's family for the last 10 years, and every year Corey falls asleep during it...and this time, I was pretty close to dozing off myself. It was a long day between driving back and forth and working and I found myself struggling to keep my eyes open. The priest was just so excited about Christmas that he kept going on and on... I was as excited about Christmas as the next person but it was 2am before we got home!

I woke up to Christmas morning at the Rosa house, and from the start the day was amazing. My mom was in the kitchen when she looked out the window and said "what the heck are these guys doing out there?" So I ran outside to see what was going on, and it turns out my street was the christmas parade headquarters where all the cars and characters gathered together before the parade started. 
It was hard for me to get a good picture from my porch since I was still in my pj's, but there were tons of people with santa hats, a fake snow machine, and I think I saw Scooby Doo and Rudolph running around. They were blasting some pretty good old school jams and I prayed they didn't see me dancing on the porch. But they all waved and shouted "Merry Christmas!" to me when they left so I felt pretty good about myself after that.

The rest of Christmas day was spent with all my sisters and their boys, my parents, my aunt sis, my grams, my grandpa Jack and Helen, and a few family friends that stopped by. We always have an open door policy at my parents' house, and at one point my older sister happily greeted a family of strangers as they came in to our house. After about 5 of them came in, my sister and I looked at each other like "do you know them?" "no, I don't know them! Do you know them?" A few moments of confusion and some awkward smiles later, we finally realized they were at the wrong house! We had a good laugh about that.

Like the people at the door, the presents just kept coming and coming!
Sorry Shawna! My camera was on a setting that made you blurry!
Dad and all the boys.
My aunt, my grams, and my mom.
Baby love.
Corey and my brother-in-law Bryan with their special gifts from my dad.

We all got way more gifts than we deserve. Our families are too good to us. As much as I loved everything I got, my favorite thing about Christmas was being with all my family. We even had a huge slumber party, with all 8 of us kids sleeping at my parents' house. It's always fun when the gang is all together.

It was definitely a Christmas I will never forget!


  1. It's not just you my love!! Christmas DID go by far too fast this year! Makes me sad in a way! I think Christmas should be a week long, LOL Or at least twice a year or something!

    Don't you agree?
    Love the post!!


  2. I'm so with you! Christmas flew by this year! I already miss it and i'm sad to take my tree down after New Year! We also got way more than we deserve! We made out in the gift department this year! I love all of your pictures! I'm glad you had a great Christmas!

  3. Looks like you had an incredible Christmas! :) we need to chat soon! I know we both say that all the time, but seriously...we need to! :) miss you!

  4. That sounds like an awesome Christmas!! So many wonderful family memories, it's so great you guys all get along like the best of friends :)
    Great pics, funny story about the people visiting the wrong house, loads of gifts and good times...just the type of Christmas you would wish for!
    Happy 2012 to you!! xo

  5. sounds like you had a wonderful christmas! It's so great you all were able to be together in one place!

  6. your christmas looked like a blast. I am hating the thought of taking my tree down but we are having too many guest for our little house so the tree is coming down friday so there is more room for guests.. so sad :(

  7. What an amazing Christmas! Definitely busy, but it sounds like it was so full of love and spoils! :) And I don't know how you stayed awake til 2!? I would've fallen asleep for sure :)

  8. That is soooo amazing that all of you could make it back!! I bet that was a lot of fun! LOL, that is hilarious somebody showed up at the wrong house, oops!

  9. How great that you were all able to be together! I lvoe the picture of all the stockings!

  10. It's definitely not just you... It went by way too fast! I got a good laugh about the people who came in who were in the wrong house! A Christmas slumber party sounds like so much fun. I think it would be fun to have a big family! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!

  11. I totally agree!! Christmas went by way to fast!! I'm glad you had a good one though!! you and your family are sooo stinkin' cute!! I love it!! Have a good New Year girl!!

  12. So glad you had a wonderful holiday. These photos are amazing and looks like everyone had a great time. Oh man - you do have a big family, look at all those stockings ;)

  13. it looks like you had such a wonderful holiday! the stockings picture looks like my families! so funny!

  14. Sounds like you had a great christmas, Loved all the Pictures!! I bet your dad is happy to have some boys around now (i know mine is!!)... Loved your stocking photo, sooo cute!!

  15. Cute blogg!!


  16. I just love your entire family!!! Glad it was a great Christmas for all!!!


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