Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old photo fun.

Today I am taking a quick minute out of my extremely busy week to do a really fun, old photos post. Over the weekend I was going through all my baby pictures for my wedding slideshow when a tweet popped up from my friend Amanda over at For Love of a Cupcake telling us to dig up old photos for her "Yearbook Funnies" linkup. Inspired by the idea, here are some of my favorite (and least favorite!) pictures of me growing up.
Me and my dad :)
Rollin' in my sweet ride.
Me at age 4.
All smiles in the morning.
Say cheeeeeese!
Momma's Girls.
Some pretty sweet hairdos here!
Probably my worst grade school picture of all time. Thanks mom!
Me and the girls in Santa Cruz. I'm rockin the pigtails and missing tooth proudly!

All these pictures are making me miss being a little kid!
I had such a blessed childhood with the best family ever. So many great memories.
It's crazy how fast time flies!
xo Steph

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The end of an era.

This week I turned the page on what I once thought would be my lifelong career. But before I completely close the book on my sports broadcasting career, I wanted to look back at my amazing journey...

It all started with a dream. I dreamt that one day I would be the next big female sports reporter, breaking stories and owning the sidelines. So I began my road to the big leagues at the #4 sports market in the country, San Francisco. 
My first semester at San Francisco State University I started an internship at ABC-7 that quickly turned into a freelance sports producer role at the ripe age of 21. It was one of the most challenging and most exciting times of my life. I got to go out to the games and interview the players, write stories, and sit in the big chair during the live broadcast. The control room can be one crazy place, but I learned to thrive in that fast-paced environment. I loved it.
This picture was my first big break. See the mic on the right side? Ya, that's me. This shot made the front of yahoo! sports.
Me in action on the sidelines.
Moments before I interviewed Clint Eastwood at Pebble Beach. Clint Eastwood knowing my name is definitely a highlight of my career.
My first superstar moment. I attended Big Papi's event during the MLB All-Star game festivities in San Francisco.

My time at ABC was awesome, but when I caught wind that Comcast Sportsnet was going to launch a big-time network, I jumped at the first opportunity I got. So I took a job as a Production Assistant. My very first full-time job. Before long I was promoted to an Associate Producer where I got to write highlights, produce feature shows, and even produce live pre and postgame shows. A highlight of my time here was producing "All A's" which is the magazine show of my favorite team. Unreal. Who gets to do that? And I am very proud to be the very first female producer of a live show in the history of Comcast Sportsnet California. For the A's. I will own that forever. And I won't ever forget hanging out in the A's and Giants dugouts, stepping foot on the race track at Infineon, and standing on the sideline during the opening ceremonies of the Raiders & 49ers games.
The memories are endless.
I got to sit in the press box with a pretty nice view...
...and worked at the park long after the bright lights went out.
I've spent a good portion of my life in an edit bay. One of the best things to come out of my time at CSN was meeting one of my very best friends, Marisa.
The view from my desk during our annual Authentic BBQ.
We got to take pictures with the Sharks' olympic medals. 
And as much as I dislike the Giants, it was pretty awesome to cover their World Series run. It was a crazy ride that I will never forget!
One of my favorite days... we got to play kickball at AT&T Park. It.was.awesome.
I made it onto the sidelines, but as a producer instead of a reporter.
Another one of my favorite moments...working the red carpet at the "Moneyball" premiere.
On set with my friend Jaymee Sire.
Some of my press passes from over the years.

I am so glad that I got to share a lot of my cool sports experiences with Corey. We've gone to many games including our very first professional hockey game...
Go Sharks!
And Corey got to meet one of his lifelong idols...former Raider Bill Romanowski.

But of all my amazing experiences, my favorite thing about Comcast Sportsnet is the friendships I made. Don't know what I would do without my Comcast girls. We've stuck together through it all, and I will always love these ladies.
It's been fun. It's been really fun. I made so many memories and friendships that will last me a lifetime. So glad I started on this journey... but you never know where it will take you. Now I'm on to the next!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thanks for sharing.

A sweet model of sharing. Me? Not so much. {via}

This is an excerpt from a conversation I had with my soon to be brother-in-law, Keith:
Keith: "I'm gonna go to the store to get some ice cream."
Me: "I have some ice cream in the freezer."
Keith: "Ya but I know how you are with your sweets."
He was so right.
Until this moment, I considered myself a pretty good sharer. Growing up with 3 sisters, it's kinda part of the deal. Our parents and family have always been very good about everything being equal between the 4 of us, but taught us that we always had to share. To this day, I can't eat anything in front of people without offering them some because it makes me feel bad. But when it comes to me and my sweets...that's a different story.

I am somewhat of a sweets snob when it comes to sharing my goods. I have been known to hide candy in odd drawers and cupboards around the house so that Corey won't find it (even though he probably wouldn't eat it if I left it in plain sight). I always notice if there's a scoop or two less of ice cream since the last time I touched it. And missing cookies from the cupboard? Don't even go there.

I don't know why I get so crazy about my favorite things. But stashing our stuff runs in my family. My mom often has to hide candy from dad (who is where I inherited the sweet tooth from), and my sisters have been known to do some hiding of their goods as well. Maybe growing up with so many siblings instilled in us the thought that we had to fight for what we wanted and had to protect what was ours. I still vividly remember how mad I used to get when one of my sisters would ask for a "sip" of my soda and then proceed to gulp half of it down. (which may or may not still happen to this day). 
We may look sweet, but don't even THINK about touching our easter candy!

The purpose of this post is to make myself accountable to the principle of sharing. I vow to not hoard my candy in hidden spots around the apartment, and to not bite Corey's head off when there's an Oreo or two gone. I promise to share   my candy like a normal human being and to not count sips of soda with my sisters. 

When it comes to anything besides sweets, I have no problem sharing.
For some reason, candy makes me crazy. (literally!)
Are you a good sharer? What things don't you like to share?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thank you & a guest blog.

Happy Sunday from San Francisco! 
Hope you are all having a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

This week has been a crazy one filled with lots of adjustments as I prepare for my new career, but I wanted to thank you guys for all the support and positive comments about this tough transition. I have some of the best blog readers around and I appreciate you all!

Today you can find me here where I am guest blogging for my lovely blog buddy Ryann while she is away on an amazing trip to Australia & New Zealand. So if you want to read my blog about the benefits of blogging, head over to her blog now! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Life Change.

It is very rare that an opportunity comes along that has the power to completely and instantly change our lives.
This would be one of those moments.

Remember when I told you all about my cool job?
Well, a couple days ago I did something that I never actually thought I could ever bring myself to do. I put in my two week's notice. I know people are going to think I'm crazy because more often than not, when I tell people what I do, the phrase "dream job" always enters the conversation atleast once. And up until this point in my life, it has been my dream job. I mean, who else gets to watch their favorite teams play and get paid for it? Who gets on-field access to every major sporting event in the Bay Area? Who gets to interview Clint Eastwood on the 18th hole at Pebble Beach? What are once-in-a-lifetime opportunites for most have been my livelihood for the past 5 years. And now I am saying goodbye to it.

It seems unimagineable right? I mean, a career in sports is what I always wanted to do with my life. It's what I went to school for. It's what I did all those years of unpaid internships for. It's what I've done my entire adult, professional life. But, as with every great thing, there is always the fine print.

When I first took this job in sports, the general manager gave us an inspiring speech, and something he said never quite clicked with me and my priorities in life. He said that the sports television industry "isn't a job, it's a lifestyle". To this point, it's been a lifestyle that has been challenging, but worth it. I could somehow rationalize every milestone missed, every holiday worked, and every normal night lost. But not anymore.
I am a family person. Those people mean more to me than anything on this planet. I don't want to miss anything anymore. I don't want to leave home to drive 2 hours to work on Sunday when they are all hanging out, and my mom is cooking a family dinner. I don't want to work the opposite schedule as Corey anymore. I want to be there when my first nephew is born, and I don't want to feel bad about taking 2 or 3 weeks off for my wedding. I have grown up enough to know exactly what I want in my life...and this new opportunity will give me just that.

I have been offered an amazing job at a Public Relations firm that will eventually bring me back home. It allows me to still challenge myself professionally, while letting me be fulfilled personally as well. Is it a little bit out of my comfort zone? Absolutely. Am I looking forward to the challenge? More than you can imagine.

After years of working nights and weekends, I will finally have the "normal" life I have only dreamed about. I will be able to work my butt off at the office, then go home to cook dinner with Corey and watch Wheel of Fortune and not have to rely on tivo to catch all my favorite shows. These may seem like extremely mundane activities, but to me, they have always been a luxury. 

I am so thankful for every opportunity and adventure I've had in sports television. I will never forget stepping foot on a major league baseball field for the very first time, or the pride I felt when my family would gather round to watch the t.v. debut of one of the shows I produced. But this girl is ready for the next chapter...
2012 started with the monumental purchase of my very first iPhone...and continues with this life-changing opportunity. I knew I had a good feeling about 2012!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Birthday Girls.

This weekend we celebrated two of my sisters' birthdays. Shawna (#1) and Nellie (#3) are 5 years and 1 day apart. What are the odds right? But that means we get to celebrate both of them together. This year we had lunch with grandma, the girls opened presents, then we went to their restaurant of choice, which was mexican food. I love celebrating these girls!
Happy Birthday to two of my favorite girls on the planet! 
May this year be the best one yet!