Saturday, January 28, 2012

The end of an era.

This week I turned the page on what I once thought would be my lifelong career. But before I completely close the book on my sports broadcasting career, I wanted to look back at my amazing journey...

It all started with a dream. I dreamt that one day I would be the next big female sports reporter, breaking stories and owning the sidelines. So I began my road to the big leagues at the #4 sports market in the country, San Francisco. 
My first semester at San Francisco State University I started an internship at ABC-7 that quickly turned into a freelance sports producer role at the ripe age of 21. It was one of the most challenging and most exciting times of my life. I got to go out to the games and interview the players, write stories, and sit in the big chair during the live broadcast. The control room can be one crazy place, but I learned to thrive in that fast-paced environment. I loved it.
This picture was my first big break. See the mic on the right side? Ya, that's me. This shot made the front of yahoo! sports.
Me in action on the sidelines.
Moments before I interviewed Clint Eastwood at Pebble Beach. Clint Eastwood knowing my name is definitely a highlight of my career.
My first superstar moment. I attended Big Papi's event during the MLB All-Star game festivities in San Francisco.

My time at ABC was awesome, but when I caught wind that Comcast Sportsnet was going to launch a big-time network, I jumped at the first opportunity I got. So I took a job as a Production Assistant. My very first full-time job. Before long I was promoted to an Associate Producer where I got to write highlights, produce feature shows, and even produce live pre and postgame shows. A highlight of my time here was producing "All A's" which is the magazine show of my favorite team. Unreal. Who gets to do that? And I am very proud to be the very first female producer of a live show in the history of Comcast Sportsnet California. For the A's. I will own that forever. And I won't ever forget hanging out in the A's and Giants dugouts, stepping foot on the race track at Infineon, and standing on the sideline during the opening ceremonies of the Raiders & 49ers games.
The memories are endless.
I got to sit in the press box with a pretty nice view...
...and worked at the park long after the bright lights went out.
I've spent a good portion of my life in an edit bay. One of the best things to come out of my time at CSN was meeting one of my very best friends, Marisa.
The view from my desk during our annual Authentic BBQ.
We got to take pictures with the Sharks' olympic medals. 
And as much as I dislike the Giants, it was pretty awesome to cover their World Series run. It was a crazy ride that I will never forget!
One of my favorite days... we got to play kickball at AT&T Park. It.was.awesome.
I made it onto the sidelines, but as a producer instead of a reporter.
Another one of my favorite moments...working the red carpet at the "Moneyball" premiere.
On set with my friend Jaymee Sire.
Some of my press passes from over the years.

I am so glad that I got to share a lot of my cool sports experiences with Corey. We've gone to many games including our very first professional hockey game...
Go Sharks!
And Corey got to meet one of his lifelong idols...former Raider Bill Romanowski.

But of all my amazing experiences, my favorite thing about Comcast Sportsnet is the friendships I made. Don't know what I would do without my Comcast girls. We've stuck together through it all, and I will always love these ladies.
It's been fun. It's been really fun. I made so many memories and friendships that will last me a lifetime. So glad I started on this journey... but you never know where it will take you. Now I'm on to the next!


  1. Now on to the next is right!! Congrats!

  2. Wow! What awesome experiences you've had, and what awesome experiences you will have as you begin your new journey! Exciting times ahead!

  3. OMG this was AMAZING!!! Looks like you had a blast!!! you going to work at another job or just take some time off? I feel you on the stress of not having a normal life. I was Arnold Schwarzengger's personal asst/scheduler for 6 years while he was governor and while it was soooo much fun and I met celebrities like crazy, I missed so much family stuff, good moments with my bf were missed and I was stressed out!! These are experiences you always take with you but the ones ahead are so ready for you! Good Luck in your upcoming adventures

  4. These pictures are all so fun!! I can't believe all of those things you got to do! Sounds like an awesome job :) Can't wait to see where the next job takes you!

  5. Your jobs have looked SO fun!!I am graduating in May and I can't wait to see where my journey begins! I am so excited to find out. It seems like you had some great experiences and met some great people along the way! Onto the next one :)

  6. Wow that is so awesome!! I loved reading this post and learning all about what you do. What an exciting life you do lead Steph!! So many wonderful times and memories and so much ahead of you too with your new career :)
    And Clint Eastwood? Wowsers!!! Love it.
    Congrats, you look awesome and the pics are great!
    Thanks for sharing xo

  7. I am so happy and excited for you and I can't wait to read how everything is going ;)

  8. This post is filled with so many amazing things that people (like me) only dream of. You accomplished soo much and now you're on to bigger things :) yayyy for you!

  9. I LOVED getting to look back at your journey in the sports world :) Loved seeing all those media passes too! ;) Congrats on the new job--- I'm sure your new journey will have even MORE awesome memories!

  10. Wow this post was so great! I had no idea your job was so cool! My husband would love that job haha! Congrats on the new job you'll do great! :)


  11. wow! so jeal of all the events you have gotten to go to for work! I know you will just be WONDERFUL at your new job :)

  12. LOVED your recap! You have made so much of your journey thus far. Definitely can't wait to see what your next step holds!! Congrats again dear =)

  13. Wahoo! You're so legit! :) Sounds like such a fun job!

  14. really? Yay which PR Firm in Sacramento? I still work at the Capitol but for an Assemblymember now. I worked for Arnold as his Director of Scheduling from 2007-2010 at the State Capitol. I still know a few staffers that are still with him after he left office like his campaign manager Renee Croce and Personal Assistant Daniel Ketchell and Lynn Marks from Oak Productions in Santa Monica! I love that you are totally into the same interests as me career wise!! VERY COOL!!! I thought maybe you lived in the Bay Area? Are you in Sacramento now?

  15. It was so great to be around for part of this amazing beginning sports journey for you, Steph! I know only great things are ahead!

  16. This recap made me tear up a bit. lol I get sad with endings, but I know you are going to be so happy with your new journey. How amazing that you got to experience all that you did. Very few people can say that they had such an amazing opportunity and at such a young age. So Awesome!

  17. Fun reading about your time there! On to the next!

  18. Oh wow! It looks like you had such a FUN job! I wouldn't want to leave it! Wishing you the best on your new journey! I'm sure it will be just as amazing for you!

    Clint Eastwood is my fiance's hero, Ha! He'd be so jealous you got to talk to him! (Actually, I kinda am too!) :)

    Hope you have a great week!



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