Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old photo fun.

Today I am taking a quick minute out of my extremely busy week to do a really fun, old photos post. Over the weekend I was going through all my baby pictures for my wedding slideshow when a tweet popped up from my friend Amanda over at For Love of a Cupcake telling us to dig up old photos for her "Yearbook Funnies" linkup. Inspired by the idea, here are some of my favorite (and least favorite!) pictures of me growing up.
Me and my dad :)
Rollin' in my sweet ride.
Me at age 4.
All smiles in the morning.
Say cheeeeeese!
Momma's Girls.
Some pretty sweet hairdos here!
Probably my worst grade school picture of all time. Thanks mom!
Me and the girls in Santa Cruz. I'm rockin the pigtails and missing tooth proudly!

All these pictures are making me miss being a little kid!
I had such a blessed childhood with the best family ever. So many great memories.
It's crazy how fast time flies!
xo Steph


  1. Ohhhh my goodness! That grade school picture of you is TOO adorable! I have quite a few like that too, haha!

  2. so cute!! How is your new job?! Im assuming Tracy told you that we met. What a small world, huh? Looking forward to meeting you some day :)

  3. We have SO many of the same pictures, especially the bangs and flower dresses with all 4 girls. What a cute idea!

  4. what a little cutie! you had the biggest smile ... love how happy you looked in all of them!

  5. Too cute! At least we can mostly blame our mamas for these outfits & hair styles!

  6. I love this post! Sharing old pictures is such a great idea, and is so meaningful! :) You were so cute! I have plenty of terrible grade school pictures!


  7. I love all your posts, but this one made me laugh and think about being a little kid myself. If only we could go back to those days!!

  8. Awwww cute pics! I have some pretty bad school photos too. I think everyone does! I had that same tricycle. I loved it! haha!

  9. SO adorable!! :) Still just as cute as you were as a little peanut!! xoxo

  10. Very cute! I love looking at old pictures!

  11. Lol aww these pictures are too cute!!



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