Saturday, March 31, 2012

Doggy Downer

My poor dog :(
On Thursday, Mr. Colt had to undergo his second TPLO surgery. This is a procedure I've become all to familiar with. Basically, it's a leg surgery where a metal plate and screws are inserted to stabilize the joint. In other words, no fun for Mr. Colt for 4 months.
And they have to shave his poor leg :(

Two years ago Colt and I were outside playing soccer when he turned wrong, whined a little, then wouldn't touch his back leg to the ground. So we paid a boat load of money for surgery #1. At the time, the doggy doctor let me know that once one leg is operated on, it would be very likely that he would need the other one done down the road. We hoped for the best, and all was well for a while. Fast forward to this past Christmas. When Colt gets excited, sometimes he runs laps around our long dining room table. During one of his excited spells, he turned wrong again, yelped, and wouldn't touch his other leg to the ground. And now here we are, 2 days post surgery #2.

It makes me so sad to see my happy boy so depressed. With all the drugs he's on for the pain and swelling, he's pretty out of it. It's stressful trying to keep him from walking and puting any weight on his leg, but he's a dog! He does pretty good at gimping around without puting too much weight on it, but he doesn't understand that he can't do all the things he usually does for a while.

I already know I am going to be the most uptight and stressed out mom, because I was a mess this past week during his surgery. He's like my child! But hopefully he'll be back to normal in no time. We're on the road to recovery! Before you know it, it'll be summer and he'll be swimming laps in the pool!
P.S. I'm going to try and get back to regular blogging again, for real this time! I miss all my blog buddies!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Corey's Birthday Weekend

The March Madness continues!
It seems like every weekend this month we've had a birthday to celebrate, and this weekend it was Corey's turn. I don't think his big smile left his face once over the course of his 3-day celebration!
Corey getting some love from the Rosa girls... and he's loving every second of it!
Corey & the twins
Mom made the BEST meal with all Corey's favorites. 
Smoked salmon, seafood alfredo (she also made a clam sauce and a marinara sauce),
green bean casserole, broccoli w/ mazithra cheese, garlic bread and a green salad. Yum!
One of Corey's favorite gifts. Raiders! (good job Pix!)
Corey LOVES scratchers! He won $8.
Momma Nellie and her fur baby.
Wii bowling fun
The happy birthday boy!
Saturday was St. Patty's day, and Corey's birthday party continued. We went out to dinner with his wonderful family at his favorite mexican restaurant, and had his favorite german chocolate cake.
That night we also celebrated our good friend Lou's birthday. I told you we had a lot of March birthdays!
Birthday buddies!
I'm standing on a chair in boots and I'm still barely as tall as Corey!
The happy birthday girl!
As always, it was an awesome weekend that came and went waaaaay too fast!  
Hope you all had a fun, safe St. Patrick's day weekend!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wedding Update: Save the Dates

Save the Date!
With all the craziness going on in my life right now, wedding planning has unfortunately taken a back seat. Good thing I got a lot done early! But I want to get back on track with my wedding update posts since the big day is coming in a hurry...

A couple months back, I sent out our Save the Date magnets. It was quite a process to create, print, and package these little beauties. Thank God for my best friend/graphic designer Kari. She seriously is the best! I dont think anyone else would put up with me and my picky-ness with so much patience like Kari does. We went through several designs, dozens of fonts, and countless color schemes before I finally settled on the perfect layout. 
Here are some of the runner ups...
We were extremely close to picking this one!
After a lot of back and forth, several hours of contemplation, and a couple family polls, we finally decided on THE ONE. Allow me to introduce you to our official Save the Date magnet:
(I blurred out our wedding website that appears at the bottom)

Now that I had my design (thanks to Kari), I was ready to head into production mode. So I headed over to where I printed 200 magnets for $40 and a self-inking return address stamp ($8). I then ordered some small, shimmery envelopes from ($10/100 pack), and I printed a personal message from Corey and I to include in every envelope. I then got to stuffing, licking, sealing and stamping.
Doesn't look like much with all the addresses blurred, but you get the idea!

It's so awesome to see our save the date on all our friends' and family's fridges when we go places. I have one in my office at work that I look at constantly. 
Thank you Kari, for being the best best friend in the whole world that also happens to be an extremely talented graphic designer!

I've already got my invitations... which I am IN LOVE with! I'll show you guys those after I send them out in a couple months!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Baby Shower.

Baby is almost here!
On Saturday we celebrated Nellie and her baby boy with the best baby shower. A family friend was kind enough to open up her beautiful home on the river to our party and it was a great day with all the girls! And let me tell ya, our first nephew is going to be one spoiled baby! 
The girls and our baby!
4 Generations: Baby, Nellie, Mom & Grams
The two soon-to-be grandmas!
We put the guys to work! Dad and his cooking crew, led by 
chef Craig, made chicken marsala, mashed potatoes, asparagus and a 
spring salad for lunch. It was delicious!

Ben's (father of the baby) family was in charge of the decorations and they did such a great job. Everything looked so nice.
For the favors, everyone took home a bag of spring flower seeds
that attract butterflys and hummingbirds.
The jungle animal themed cupcakes were amazing.
The cake topper. We still haven't eaten it... it's too cute!

I was in charge of the entertainment. After lunch I had Nellie disappear for a few minutes while I tested the girls with "What was mommy wearing."  We did a "Fact or Myth" pregnancy test where you had to decide if the statements about pregnancy were true or just a common misconception. Also, I made a baby shower soundtrack that had 20 songs with "baby" in the title on it. (Some of my favorites: "Always Be My Baby" by Mariah Carey, "Baby Love" by the Supremes, and "Baby, Baby, Baby" by TLC). The music was playing throughout the party, so whoever tuned into the music had the advantage in the game "Hit Me Baby One More Time" where the girls had 5 minutes to come up with as many songs with "baby" in the title as they could. The winner had just 8. It was harder than it sounds!

The final game was "dirty diapers." I filled 5 baby diapers with melted candies and baby food that looked like baby poop, and the girls had to smell them to figure out what it was. It was hilarious watching people sniff them!
Dirty Diapers!
A sneak peak inside. Who knew a Snickers bar could look 
so disgusting?
Aunt Cora & grams trying to figure out what the heck was in those diapers!
Mrs. P taking a big whiff!
For those wondering... inside the diapers was melted and mashed up Reese's Peanut Butter cups, Snickers, Almond Joys, 3 Musketeers, and Butternut Squash baby food.

After games, Nellie opened a TON of presents. She got so much cute baby stuff...I can't wait for the little guy to play with everything. And momma Nellie was glowing :)
This will be baby's favorite shirt.

It was a beautiful day with beautiful people waiting on a beautiful baby!
Our little man will be here in 3 weeks! 
Can't wait :)