Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wedding Update: Save the Dates

Save the Date!
With all the craziness going on in my life right now, wedding planning has unfortunately taken a back seat. Good thing I got a lot done early! But I want to get back on track with my wedding update posts since the big day is coming in a hurry...

A couple months back, I sent out our Save the Date magnets. It was quite a process to create, print, and package these little beauties. Thank God for my best friend/graphic designer Kari. She seriously is the best! I dont think anyone else would put up with me and my picky-ness with so much patience like Kari does. We went through several designs, dozens of fonts, and countless color schemes before I finally settled on the perfect layout. 
Here are some of the runner ups...
We were extremely close to picking this one!
After a lot of back and forth, several hours of contemplation, and a couple family polls, we finally decided on THE ONE. Allow me to introduce you to our official Save the Date magnet:
(I blurred out our wedding website that appears at the bottom)

Now that I had my design (thanks to Kari), I was ready to head into production mode. So I headed over to Vistaprint.com where I printed 200 magnets for $40 and a self-inking return address stamp ($8). I then ordered some small, shimmery envelopes from envelopemall.com ($10/100 pack), and I printed a personal message from Corey and I to include in every envelope. I then got to stuffing, licking, sealing and stamping.
Doesn't look like much with all the addresses blurred, but you get the idea!

It's so awesome to see our save the date on all our friends' and family's fridges when we go places. I have one in my office at work that I look at constantly. 
Thank you Kari, for being the best best friend in the whole world that also happens to be an extremely talented graphic designer!

I've already got my invitations... which I am IN LOVE with! I'll show you guys those after I send them out in a couple months!


  1. These are amazing!! I love the one you chose but I can see why it was a tough decision - they're all so cute! The return address stamp is a great idea, too! :)

  2. Love all those options! I don't know how you chose! I used the same font for our save the dates (scriptina)!

  3. Yayyy! :) I love getting people's save the dates that are also magnets! We have about 3 on our fridge right now, lol!

  4. Your friend is so talented! I love all those options, beautiful pictures!

  5. Such a great idea, and totally not outrageous in price. LOVE IT. Great job!!!


  6. Wow great choice! I love the one you guys picked!

  7. I don't know how you could choose just one picture!! haha they are all so great :)

  8. I loooove them all steph!
    soooo exciting! :)))

    Are you designing your invites too?
    I feel like I'm at a stand still with invites. ugh.

  9. I love the other railroad one too! super cute! Man one thing I do not miss, sending out thank you cards and invitations. It seemed like it never ended! My advice is to bang out shower thank u cards within a week, and have your thank you cards for after the wedding already stamped and return address ready to go ahead of time. It will save you SO much time after the wedding! I enlisted the hubs to help stamp and do return address stickers, so he could be a part of the process and it was an easy thing to help with!

  10. love the one you ended up picking!! can I ask where you got your invites from? I am having a hard time picking...

  11. I absolutely LOVE when couples make their Save the Dates magnets! I love hanging them on my fridge, and they're so practical! I'm always reminded of upcoming weddings when I reach into the fridge! :) I love the one you and Corey chose...they were all so awesome though! What a tough decision!!!


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