Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Brendan's Arrival

The baby is finally here!
After 9 months, 10 days & many, many hours, Brendan Michael finally decided to come out.
It was a weekend full of anticipation, excitement, and lots of waiting.
Friday night
With the baby now 10 days overdue, Nellie's doctor (who also delivered me and all my sisters!) decided to induce her on Friday night. Nellie, Ben, my mom and I were ready to go at 5:00pm when the nurse called and said it was a busy night at the hospital and that she would have to come later. After all this time, what's a few more hours? Finally at 8:00pm, we headed to the hospital, ready to get the show on the road!
Momma Nellie ready to go!
Our "baby is coming!" faces
After a few hours, Dr. Knight made my mom and I go home so that Nellie could get some sleep. He said it would be a "long road ahead." So Ben stayed with Nell and we went home. Thank goodness we all got some sleep because it was definitely a looooong 24 hours!
Saturday was a long day of waiting. We spent a lot of time in her room, reading magazines, snacking, talking, and taking bets on the over/under on the baby's weight (bonus points for with hair/without hair). 
Nellie and The Uncles.
Pixie taking care of Nell.
Ben & Nellie.
The boys didn't quite have the patience to sit still all day, so they spent some time outside in the healing garden.
Even after hours of labor-inducing drugs,things were still moving pretty slowly. It took Nellie several hours to get dialated to just 3cm, so we figured we were hours away still. So Shawna and I decided to go get some Mexican food.
My big sis and I went to Luis' Jr. It was Delicious!
We made a quick pit stop at our house to let our doggies out, but we weren't even gone an hour before we started getting texts and phone calls: "Where are you? She's fully dialated!" We couldn't believe she progressed so quickly! So Shawna and I ran to the car and raced back to the hospital. When it finally came time for the home stretch, we all headed to the waiting room... to wait.
Dad, me, Shawna & Pixie.
Grams patiently waiting to become great grams.
(Just call her "G-G")
Nellie's crew took up the entire waiting room.
Finally, at 8:18pm, baby Brendan was born. With lots of hair, by the way. My mom and Ben's mom came out of the room with the biggest smiles on their faces. After waiting a little longer, we finally got to meet the little guy.
Allow me to introduce you to the little man, Brendan Michael.
Mommy & baby.
Daddy & baby.
The new grandma & baby.
Me & baby.
I could not be more proud to call this handsome little devil my nephew, and I couldn't be more proud of my sister. She did SO good! Far better than I am going to do someday, I'm sure. She was so calm and so relaxed. I am going to be one crazy lady the day I have to push out a baby! I feel bad for Corey already :)
But this little guy did not disappoint... 
He was definitely worth the wait!


  1. LOVE THIS POST! LOVE all the pictures, love your writing, LOVE YOUR AWESOME FAMILY, and LOVE the new little guy (and his name!)!!! I am SO PROUD of Nellie!!! He is ADORABLE!!!! Congrats to your whole family. I can't wait to meet him. Wow. He's one lucky guy to be in the Rosa family. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Oh, and I will not be are calm, cool, and collected...just like it sounds like Nellie was. Happy Birth Day to him! Your family is even more fabulous now! LOVE THIS!!!! Thanks for sharing with your lucky blog readers!! (You are an incredible aunt already, I'm sure!!)

  2. Loved this recap! Congrats to you and your family Steph! What an exciting day. I remember the day my godson was born (I had saved up my SFHS senior absence days to be there during the 50+ hour labor my godmom went through!!) and it was such a magical experience, I will never forget it.

    I'm sure when your time comes you will do great :)


  3. How cute is he! Congratulations, Miss Auntie!

  4. Congratulations auntie!!! That is one loved little boy already =) You are going to absolutely love being an aunt, there is nothing better.
    And more things we have in common with our families: our grandmother is also known as GG to my nieces and nephews

  5. He is so cute! Tell mom and dad congratulations and congratulations to you AUNT!

  6. Congrats Steph! Nellie looks so happy and so does your mom! Glad to hear that he's finally here!!!

  7. Seriously SOOO cute! Yay for your first nephew right? That is adorable your family took up the whole waiting room!

  8. Congrats he's beautiful. How fun you documented it all, I like the full waiting room pic. SO fun.


  9. Aww CONGRATS Auntie Steph!! Sounds like a long couple of days but obviously SO WORTH IT! He's precious :) I love that you guys took up the entire waiting area, what a loved lil' boy already!!!

  10. Brendan is a beautiful baby. Congrats to all of you.

  11. Such a cutie pie !! My little peanut is two months already !

    I have a May photo a day challenge coming up!! I hope you join in the fun!!!!

  12. awww steph he is sooo sooo cute!!!
    Congrats auntie :)))


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