Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coldplay Concert

 Coldplay. Is. Awesome.
I'l start this post by admitting that I'm not the biggest Coldplay fan in the world. I like a few of their songs, but have never really been crazy about them. When I found out they were coming to San Jose, I had to get tickets for Corey because "see Coldplay live" is on his bucket list. No matter the cost, I had to find a way to get Corey to that concert. So I bought him tickets for his birthday and I am SO happy I did!  
On the road to San Jose!
My sister Pixie is a big Coldplay fan, so her and her boyfriend, Pierce, came down to stay with us for the weekend and go to the concert. We had so much fun with them and we're so glad they came with us!
When we walked in, we were handed these snazzy bracelets...
While they were colorful and cool, we weren't quite sure what they were for. But before the show started, we received our instructions...
And the second the show started, we found out exactly what these little things were for:

It was pretty amazing. And I love this video because you can hear how excited and happy Corey is. It was so awesome to look around and see all the colors light up the dark stadium. It's like those bracelets made us all a part of the show, and what an unbelievable show it was! Even though I don't consider myself a huge Coldplay fan, I could still appreciate the entertainment value, amazing lighting, and undeniable talent of Coldplay's live concert. There were lazers, lights, confetti, beach balls, and an extremely high-energy performance. If I wasn't a fan before the show, I am definitely a fan now! 
I never knew Chris Martin had so much personality! He ran around the stage, 
jumping and leaping all over the place, even falling to the ground out of pure exhaustion at times. His energy was infectious, and the crowd was definitely feeding off it!

When the band returned for their encore, they popped up in the section right next to us! I was playing with my iPhone when Corey started tapping my shoulder like crazy, saying "Look, look! They're right there!" It was unreal how close they were to everyone. It's always awesome to see bands interact with the fans.
Corey was smiling the entire time!
And our wristbands were glowing all night long!

It really was an amazing show, and I'm glad I got to experience it. But I am even more happy that Corey got to experience it because he loves Coldplay's music and going to see them live really meant a lot to him.

Corey's Bucket List
-See Coldplay LIVE

Check it off the list!
Now I need to see what we can cross off next...


  1. Rosy, I absolutely LOVE coldplay and have been to two of their concerts already! Derren and I went to X&Y and to Viva La Vida. I was SOOOO bummed when I found out that they were going to be in San Jose while I was in Asia, because I REALLY wanted to go see them again. I'm glad you had fun in my place! :) They definitely put on a good show!

  2. That looks like SO much fun!!! I love Coldplay. Crossing things off the bucket list is a great feeling!

  3. That concert seriously looked like a blast!! Derek would love to go to that concert!

  4. I'm like you - not the biggest Coldplay fan, but the concert looks amazing!

  5. We're going to their concert in July, and I can't WAIT now after seeing your pictures!

  6. NICE bday present girl! I like them but Jared LOVES them, and it's on his bucket list too!!! He once had tickets to see them while in vacation in FL with a bunch of guys and the show got CANCELLED! They were sooo so bummed. They got their money back but didn't get to see them. I need to work on tix sometime soon too ;) Looks like an amazing concert, love the wrist bands!!!

  7. I just got back from the Coldplay concert here in San Jose and to be honest with you, there are no words to describe tonight. I scoored great tickets i enjoyed my night …I can try, but it won't do it justice. These guys were something else live.

  8. this is my first concert and my favorite band! I have really crappy coldplay tickets and the concert starts at 7, what time should I get there?


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