Thursday, April 26, 2012

Taco Night!

In my family, taco night is like a holiday.
It brings people together. It leaves you stuffed. It must be celebrated.

When we get that call from our good friends Darren and Lou, the "hey we're making tacos on Friday night!" call... it's on! You see, these aren't your typical tacos. They have a special, secret, and addictive ingredient. And you'll have to taste it to believe it...
The ingredients:
Lettuce/tomatoes/black olives/and a scoop of mayo combination
Shredded cheese (by hand, not the pre-grated kind! Big difference)
Ground beef with LOTS of garlic
Pork and Beans.
Topped with Srirachas hot sauce.
I know the pork & beans sound like an odd thing to put on a taco, but it gives the taco a sweetness, that when combined with the garlic-heavy meat, cold and crunchy lettuce mixture, and spicy srirachas is irresistible!
The taco masters!
Dad building a masterpiece.
Corey chomping away on his tacos.
Mrs. P loading up.
Uncle Craig getting in on the taco action.
I love me some special tacos!
Darren cooking up some more taco shells. 
On any given taco night, our group goes through 80-90 tortillas. Coach Vic is currently the record-holder for most tacos eaten in a night, but Nellie and Corey are always right on his heels. Ya, Nellie can slam down some tacos with the best of 'em. 
Here's what happens when you eat too many tacos...
...people take pictures of you when you pass out on the couch!

I love taco nights, not only because of the amazing tacos, but also because it's another excuse for the gang to get together. 
What's your favorite family meal?


  1. MMMmmm, taco night was always a favorite growing up! :) Never thought to add pork and beans though! Interesting!

    J's family likes to have just a general 'mexican food night' and it's a little bit of everything. Tacos, taco salad, an amazing fajita ring his momma makes, guacamole, chips, salsa- you name it :)

  2. Those tacos sound delicious!! We used to have taco night growing up too! It was usually on a Friday so it was extra special :)

  3. OMG we totally occasionally have tacos with pork n beans.

    We call them California tacos! haha

    Taco night is one of my favorite nights!

    happy friday :)

  4. Taco night sounds so fun! I'll have to try your way of making them. One of my favorite family meals is barbecued chicken, potato salad, and watermelon- on a summer day of course! Have a great weekend!

  5. i have never heard of putting beans on tacos, but it doesn't sound bad! i LOVE Srirachas hot sauce...i put it on almost anything! my tacos, thai food, and i put it in ketchup for dipping my fries in !

  6. mmmmmm taco nights are my fav!!


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