Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Waiting for Baby.'s due date has come and gone and he's still not here. Which means every day until he arrives, the Rosa family will be on high alert! I look at my phone every five seconds because I feel like I may not hear it even though the volume is as high as it can possibly go.

Uncle Corey and I have an exit strategy for when we do get that call. We live an hour and a half away, so we must be precise in our planning and efficient in the execution. Every second is precious when you're racing to see your very first nephew!

One of baby's first photos.

I seriously cannot wait to see this little guy. He has my nose! Some people think I'm a crazy person, but I've been talking to this baby (more like yelling at Nellie's tummy) for 9 months now, and I believe we have a special bond. He knows my voice and reacts to me when I talk to him and when I sing to him (probably because it hurts his little ears!). I've already taught him his ABC's, so he's going to be a genious, and he already owns more clothes than I do. 

This little man has not yet breathed a breath of air yet, but I already love him so much. He is going to be so handsome, so sweet, and so, so loved. He really hit the jackpot being born into our bunch. He's going to have the best mom in the whole world, grandparents that will give him the world, more crazy aunts than he could ever imagine, uncles to teach him how to play ball, and a network of family and friends that would do anything for him. 

We are so excited to meet him. It could be any day now! When I think about holding him, my heart already melts. This little boy is going to OWN me. But I can spoil him and then send him back home to his momma! I can't WAIT!

Dear baybee,
I am waiting for you! Me and all your family can't wait to see you.
Come on out so we can play :)
You are the first grandchild, the first nephew, the first baby boy. 
Do you have any idea how spoiled you will be?
Your dad might be a Giants fan, but when you're with me, we root for the A's!
And no dating girls until you're 30.
Love you little man! See you soon :)


  1. Cute cute! Hopefully they come soon!

  2. So stinking cute! :) I am so excited for you, Steph - being an Auntie is one of the best things on the planet!!

    PS. I have your RSVP for the Blogger meet up.. so glad you can come! I will keep you in the loop!

  3. Being an auntie is the best!

  4. This made me tear up. I'm so excited for you guys! He is going to be one of the luckiest kids in the world simply because he's a part of your family! Love you guys!

  5. So, so, so so excited for Nellie!!! You are going to be the best aunt ever---although I couldn't help but think as I was reading this that you will be the world's best mommy soon enough too!!!! So just move on back to Sac already so you can have one of your own!!! keep us excited readers posted!!

  6. Soooo exciting. Hopefully he's here safe and sound.



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