Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A's Game

Corey and I are die hard A's fans.
Thank goodness he bleeds green and gold like I do...I'm not sure this would be working out so well if he was a Giants fan. Just kidding! Sort of. 
This past weekend we went to our first A's game of the season. We watch them every single night on TV, but we hadn't had a chance to make it out to Oakland yet this summer. We were overdue. So we picked up Corey's brother, Keith, and his buddy and headed out to the ballgame at the Coliseum.
Me and the Weglin boys.
My happy place.
What am I looking at?
There we go! My baseball boy and I.

There wasn't much action in this game vs the Detroit Tigers, and that's mostly because Justin Verlander was pitching. Corey is a huge A's fan, but as a pitcher, he appreciates watching talented pitching. And this guy is talented.
Verlander was throwing gas. 95mph. No big deal.

One of the few A's highlights was a solo home run by Seth Smith.

Unfortunately, the A's lost this one. But it was still awesome to be in the stands and taking in the live action. I swear I hear "Let's Go Oakland clap, clap, clapclapclap" cheers in my dreams. And I love it.
Love baseball. Love summertime. Love my A's.


  1. This makes me want to go to a baseball game! I have to this summer! Love the pictures!

  2. Looks like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! And cute shoes!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am SO excited to start going to some Rockies games this summer!! It's the best way to spend warmer evenings!

  4. Love summer and baseball games are a perfect way to spend the afternoon.


  5. GIRL...we have a rivalry on our hands!!
    I'm a HUGE Angels fan...but I guess we can still be friends :)

  6. Mmmm- I love baseball, and I love friends that know their baseball too! ;) You guys are so darn cute-- J and I have only gotten to two Reds games this year: once we sat in the POURING rain and saw a win, the other was in my company's suite and it was rained out haha. Hoping to get a sunny, afternoon game soon! :)


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