Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Celebration

¿cómo era su fin de semana?
(How was your weekend?)
I'm not even going to pretend that I retained even 20% of the spanish I learned in high school. Sadly, I had to use an english-spanish translator to even come up with that sentence, which I can't even say with any type of certainy is accurate. Anyway...
This weekend my family and I celebrated Cinco de Mayo, although truth be told, we did most of our celebrating on el quatro de Mayo. Either way, it's still just an excuse to get together and have a good time (like we always do!)
Let the fiesta begin...
"May the fourth be with you" - Brother-in-law Brian
(I couldn't stop laughing while he came up with the face that goes with that line)
Oddly enough, I didn't take any pictures of the carnitas or carne asada, or any of the amazing mexican meal mi madre prepared, except for this attempt at an artsy pic of the salsa selection. Awesome.
For dessert, I baked one of my favorite things on the planet...fresh churros!
Ya, they didn't last long.
My kitchen helper, Mr. Colt. Actually, he's just waiting for someone to drop some food and he's all over it.
Mi hermana Shawna.
Mi hermana Nellie and her super cute baby!
I love mi padre :)
Mi amigos!
More amigos outside.
I apologize for pulling a Pitbull on you guys in this post (mostly English with some random spanish sprinkled in). I didn't intend to do that, it kinda just happened.
I think all the Mexican popsicles I ate over the course of this weekend made me a little loco...
Muy, Muy bien.
Hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend! Monday, are you reallllly here already?


  1. I love that you celebrated with your family too! I forgot to take pictures of our food too....haha but oh well. I'm glad you had a fun cinco!! :)

  2. lol!
    1. the translation was close ;) Como fue to fin de semana? I studied abroad for a year in Spain. I love that you incorporated Spanish into your Cinco de mayo post. Awesome!
    2. Please tell me how to make Churros! I LOVE THEM!!!
    3. Your nephew is precious!

    Are you still in the city? Let me know if you are interested in meeting up for a drink soon. I would love that

  3. Looks like a fab weekend, how is Mr. Colt healing?



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