Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear Mom...

Happy Mother's Day!
My mom is one of the BEST people on this planet. I seriously, seriously hit the jackpot when I was born. Being able to call Michelle Rosa my mom is one of the best things about my life. There is nothing she can't do, and there's nothing she won't do for her family. Every single thing any of us is going through, mom is always there, right in it with us. She makes everything better.
 My sisters and I are all very close with our mom. I am being so serious when I say there's nothing she wouldn't do for us, and we love having her as part of everything we do. Anytime people give us a compliment, most times it's because we got it from our momma.
It is impossible to put everything our mom is to us in words, and a simple blog post could never do her justice. But here are just a few of the things our beautiful, warm, caring, creative, wonderful mom is...
A loving wife.
An AMAZING cook.
 A gamer. She always plays with us!
A hard worker. She's not afraid to get a little dirty now and then.
The next big sports anchor. She's even got the mug!
An awesome grandma.
Just one of the girls!

Here's mom and all her kids...
Mom and #1 (Shawna)
Mom and #2 (me!)
Mom and #3 (Nellie)
Mom and #4 (Pixie)
Mom and son-in-law #1 (Bryan)
Mom and soon-to-be-son-in-law #2 (Corey)
Mom and her big kid (my dad)

Sometimes when I'm really stressed or really down, I just think about my mom and everything always feels better. The love she has for all of us is unconditional and endless. Through her example, I have learned what a good mom is, and I can only hope that someday I am half the mom to my kids that she is to my sisters and I.
Happy Mother's Day Mom! 
We all love you so much!
P.S. Happy very first Mother's Day to my sister, Nellie. You have brought an amazing little man into this world and I am so proud of the mom that you already are!
Brendan loves his momma!


  1. You and your sisters probably don't remember me but I bowled with your Mom and Dad for several years at South Bowl and then at Alpine Alley. I certainly agree that you have a wonderful Mother and am glad that you tell her so. Your Dad is a great guy too, but his day will be coming soon.

    Bob Brown

  2. You have a beautiful mom - and she is so lucky to have 4 beautiful daughters ;) What a sweet tribute to her!

    PS. Can you still come to the blogger meet up on June 2nd? The location is in EDH (we have people coming from the Tahoe area) - would LOVE for you to be here!! Let me know! Miss you!


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