Friday, May 11, 2012

Gambling with Gramps

This past week we celebrated my grandpa's birthday by doing what he enjoys most... gambling! 
Gramps love to go to Thunder Valley, so we've made it a family tradition to take him to the local Indian casino for his birthday. Like most people I rarely win, so I'm not a huge gambler, but on this particular day my gramps was my lucky charm!
Grandpa Jack in his spot at the bar...
...playing his video poker!
Pix was so excited to play the Sex & The City machine...
...then she lost her money in about 5 minutes!
I went fishing...
...and won 10,000 pennies. If only they were dollars! Oh well, I still caught the big one!
As I said, I don't usually win, so this was big!
My mom and her dad, the birthday boy!
Me and my beautiful baby sister.

After Thunder Valley, we brought gramps over to Shawna and Bryan's house for lunch where Nellie and baby Brendan were waiting for us. Gramps got to hang out with his great grandson...
Grandpa, Helen and Brendan.
I love every second I get with this guy.

My grandpa is and has always been "my mate" for my whole life. So glad I got to spend the day with him to celebrate his birthday! Here's to many more, gramps!


  1. I like your cute baby.

  2. I just saw this blog and it made me so happy! When I saw the first pic I yelled "Grandpa Jack!!" So many fun memories! Glad you guys had a great day making me feel so special and loved! <3


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