Monday, May 21, 2012


Happy Birthday Mom!
When my sisters and I were little, we used to throw my mom a "surprise" birthday party every year. With the help of my dad and our family/friends, we somehow managed to pull off a pretty good party. But after a while, it was anything but a surprise to my mom. So we took a few years off. Ok, more like a decade off. But this year, we decided to give it another go. When we were planning and plotting, it was hard to imagine how we pulled something like this off when we were all under the age of 10!

The only snag in our plan this time around was that my sisters and I all told mom that we were busy Saturday night, so she wanted to go out to dinner with my dad. She got a little feisty with him when he suggested they do lunch instead, because it was her birthday weekend so she got to decide when and where they go! We had to call our reinforcements, Darren and Lou, to invite her out to a late lunch. Once she was out of the house, it was go time!
Nellie blowing up balloons
Hanging the decorations.
The cooking crew. Uncle Craig and Mark. 

After the house was decorated, the food was prepped, and our guests had arrived, it was time to wait. We moved all the cars off our street and had everybody hide. When they finally came home, we got mom good...

(I'm bummed I didn't get the door opening. I was filming the door for what felt like an hour with no action, so I stopped the record. As soon as I stopped, the door flew open. Of course.)

But it was SO fun and our mom was SO happy. She told us this was the first time she had NO CLUE about her birthday party. Mission accomplished.
Momma and the guys.
My guy and I.
Shawna and my second mom, Joanne
My mom and dad.
Me and my mom/the birthday girl!
Nellie and baby Brendan.

After a fun, crazy night...Corey and Mr. Colt passed out on the floor. I'm not sure which one was snoring louder.

I am so happy we were able to pull this off for my mom. Everyone had a great time, there were lots of laughs, good food, and good friends. Our mom is the best and deserves to be spoiled and surprised everyday!


  1. We had a lot of fun.......You girls did a great job! Your mom is a sweetie.

  2. What a fun surprise! And oh my gosh, your nephew has grown so much!

  3. so sweet! i love how y'all surprised her! she looked so surprised and happy!

    happy birthday to your mama!

  4. So sweet :) I love surprises! Looks like a great time :)

  5. This is such a sweet surprise! And the back patio looks so pretty! It looks tropical! Ha!

    I also wanted to let you know about a great giveaway from Shabby Apple that I'm hosting right now! Hope you enter!



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