Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wedding To-Do List

I can't believe our wedding is less than 4 months away!
It sure is a good thing I am a slightly obsessive planner who is OCD organized and got 75% of our wedding planned in the first month of engagement. If not, we'd be in big trouble! Since I started my new job 2 months ago, I haven't even opened my wedding binder, which now that I think about it, is really sad. 

Fortunately, things are all coming together pretty smoothly, and the fruits of my early labor are starting to roll in. As I mentioned last week, my dress is in!
And we recently received a shipment of these bad boys... 
My mom and I also got to visit our ceremony and reception site, which was all set up for a wedding (on the inside). It was nice to see what it is going to look like when the ballroom is all done up, so I can get a better vision of our big day. Here is the exact spot where I'll be saying "I do"...
Just picture the arch filled with vines and fresh flowers, and white chairs lined up all around. I love how the guests will be facing the water. This is the perfect spot!

We've got all the hotel rooms and the bridal suite booked, and I reserved the hotel's outside patio for a morning-after brunch.

Also on the DONE list:
-Bridesmaids Dresses & Shoes
-Final food tasting and dinner selections
-Cupcakes finalized
-Officiant selected
-DJ Booked
-Videographer & Photographer Set
-Ordered & received invitations
-Registered for gifts (and already received our first one!)
-Designed, ordered & received groomsmen gifts
-Flowers, vases, candles picked out
-Purchased Candy Bar Jars
-Bought garter set
-Picked out some songs for the ceremony/reception

If you know me at all, you know that I have to have a list to function. A physical, itemized list that I can see and cross off accordingly. So, with time flying by faster than I can keep up with and a wedding coming at me like a freight train, here is my remaining list of to-do's to keep me accountable!

The "Still To-Do before I Say I do" List
-Find my wedding shoes (current project! any suggestions?)
-Order rest of bridesmaids gifts
-Figure out hair & makeup
-Write ceremony script/vows
-Wedding dress alterations
-Groomsmen wardrobe
-Purchase vases & candles for centerpieces
-Placecards (we have a plan, just have to execute!)
-Wedding sign (in progress, thanks to Tamara!)
-Ring bearer's Outfit
-Design and order guest sign-in book
-Song selection, meeting with DJ Sonny
-Send out invitations
-Make officiant "official" at the county courthouse
-Marriage License
-Purchase tongs, scoopers, and candy for candy bar (week of wedding)
-Order Thank You cards
-Book Honeymoon (St. Lucia here we come!)

I feel like there's a few more things, but in order to remember, I'd have to get my wedding binder out (which is sadly tucked away in the closet). It's officially time to get back to work on this wedding!

I can't wait to marry this guy...
3 months, 4 weeks, and 1 day to go...


  1. Now...if you can plan my wedding ;) This lists helps me, so thank you!! So happy for you :)

  2. Wow Steph so exciting! If you ever decide to leave PR you would be a fantastic wedding planner :)

    Looking forward to seeing everything come together for you!!

  3. You've gotten so much done already, and have a lot of time... don't stress! I am loving your little shot glasses - such a cute idea! And I can't wait to help with your sign - it will be perfect at your venue!

  4. You two are such a beautiful couple! You have so much done and the other things will be fun and come easily ;) I want to see your dress!!!! I think you should probably email me ma'am!

  5. That is SOOO exciting! There are so many fun things to do before the big day that time will fly by! I can't wait to see your dress and all the details of the big day!

  6. What color shoes are you looking for? I may be able to help! Email me!! :)

  7. Love the shot glasses! Cute idea! And I love the idea of everyone doing a morning after breakfast together. awww so precious!

  8. Beautiful venue. Umm I seriously want a shot glass, can I buy one!!


  9. Ahhh my dress just came in too! I didn't want to take it off.

    Your wedding site is GORGEOUS!!!!


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