Thursday, June 14, 2012

House Hunters Part 1

I love the show "House Hunters," but they're not doing anybody any favors by making it look so easy! If only it were as simple as picking which of the three nice houses is the nicest, we woulda had a house years ago! Corey and I have been on the hunt for our first home for nearly two months now, and it has been a grind, to say the least. Over the course of our search, we've seen nearly 20 houses, and we like things about all of them, but not everything about any of them. 
Here is a small sample of some of the properties we've seen...
This was the first house I really liked. It is gorgeous, and brand-spankin new. But, as you can tell by the picture, it is small. And by small, I mean pretty darn tiny. As for our dream backyard with lots of room for our doggy to run around and big enough for a swimming pool? Ya, not gonna happen in this one. PASS.
This is "Boyd" (named after the street it is located on) and boy, does it have a nice yard! This is more what we're looking for in terms of space and room to expand. But there is ZERO closet space and the bedrooms are very small. While it remained a contender for a while, we could not get past the bedroom size. PASS.
This one I liked, but the street it is located on is not so nice. If there's one thing we've learned throughout this process, it's location, location, location. This one also had no backyard. PASS.
If there's one thing I'd really like in a home, it's an open kitchen and an open floorplan. We plan on doing a lot of entertaining, and we've got a big crew to accomodate. This house had that, and everything was so clean and upgraded. The only downside? It's located on an extremely busy street. We can't have kids and dogs running around on a busy street. Unfortunately, PASS

We'd seen several nice homes like these, all with something we just couldn't compromise on. After a while, all the houses started to look the same. And then it finally happened... we walked into the door of this house and we got that feeling...
When we opened the door and saw the front room, Corey and I both looked at eachother like "this is it!"
The floor plan was open, the walls were freshly painted, the kitchen was completely upgraded...
And the icing on the cake? It already had a pool. We were sold. 
Within two minutes of being inside, we were already planning our offer. This house was listed on Friday morning, and by Friday night, we had put our very first offer in on our very first house. We were nervous and excited and so happy...but we were trying not to get our hopes up too much. By Monday morning, 10 offers had been put on the house. 10 OFFERS. We thought we had no chance. But when our real estate agent called and said we were in the final 2, we freaked out! We had a 50-50 shot at getting our house! We signed our counter offer, sent it off immediately and awaited news. Sadly, on Tuesday morning we got the call that the sellers went with the other offer, who offered well above the asking price. We had gone all in on our initial offer and weren't willing to over-extend ourselves, so we quietly and sadly let it go. They say to keep your emotions out of it, but we envisioned this house as our home. We could see barbeques in that backyard, a Christmas tree in that front room, and I had already designated the nursury. For the first time, we could see it. But our search continues...

Ideally, we'd like to have our house before the wedding so that we can return from our honeymoon to our home and have a place to put all our new stuff. But, like people keep telling me "what is meant to be, will be." All I've ever wanted was a house we could call a home, and I'm ready to find it. Thankfully, our good family friend, Sue, is the best real estate agent who has been right there with us through it all. We'll be looking for more homes this weekend, so *fingers crossed* we find the one!


  1. Aw, so fun! I'm so excited to watch your journey. And just be patient, you will find the PERFECT house!

  2. SOOOOOOOO exciting!!! I can't wait to have you back in Sac. Good luck. On another note, I will email you--Alyssa is coming to town soon & wants to get together!! Yay!!! Keep us updated.

  3. You'll find your house! It does take time and it's such a big investment, you want to know you're getting the best bang for your buck as well as something you love! I hope your find your dream house soon!

  4. Aww, good luck girlfriend! I'll be honest with you, I think we decided on a house toooo fast, and ended up compromising on some things I wish we hadn't. While I like our house itself, I'm not thrilled with the location of our house and I wish I'd paid more attention to closet space/storage.

    You guys will find the right one, I promise!! :) I'm already looking for our next one ;) lol

  5. I LOVED THE HOUSE! That's too bad!! Everyone is right, whats meant to be will be! Hang in there girlie!

  6. Super exciting, Steph! Good luck to you-- I know you'll find something amazing. Alex and I are moving in July so you'll have to come and give some suggestions for our renovation! It's a tough process and after about 6 months of looking and about 4 offers, we finally got a place. But I think the first one stings the most.

  7. Ah, I'm so sorry!! What a gorgeous home. I'm sure there is another one out there with your name on it that is even MORE perfect! My fingers are crossed for you! :)

  8. Ahhh it is beautiful but you'll get something even better.

    The search was annoying for us as well. When we found our house it just felt like this was it. Although it is not perfect and is not our forever home, it is perfect for us now.

    Good luck with the search!

  9. Oh man... I can't even imagine how frustrating it probably was to hear that the other offer was picked. Keep your head up girl. There is THE house out there that's meant for you and Cory...just gotta have patience.

    It will eventually come :)

  10. I just found your blog - love it! That is so frustrating about the house, but I'm sure you'll find something even more incredible! New follower!

  11. “If there's one thing we've learned throughout this process, it's location, location, location.” – That is absolutely right! Location is one of the most important considerations when you are in the look for a new home. In my opinion, a house that is in the safe zone and near important establishments and facilities is a perfect home candidate. [Sage Leung]

  12. I feel sorry that you were not able to close deal on that house. Even if it feels so right, it's just not meant for you. With your friend, Sue, I'm sure that you'll find a house before your wedding day. Nothing is impossible. I hope that by now, you are already comfortably settled in your new house.

    -Calvin Mordarski @ CityBlockTeam

  13. I’m sorry to hear how that went for you. I hope you’ve found a place that’s as lovely and homey as the last one. House hunting could be really tricky, and will sometimes test your patience and determination in finding the perfect one. Anyway, I hope things turned out nicely for you!

    Willard Evans @ WOW Homes


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