Monday, July 23, 2012

3rd Annual Jump House Party

A few years ago, I made the very grown up decision to have a jump house at every single one of my birthday parties until I am physically incapable of jumping anymore. Yes, I realize I'm a five-year-old, but this is my way of staying young and celebrating like we used to when we were kids. Besides, it's a great workout and an absolute blast!
This year was my 3rd annual jump house extravaganza. This year's theme was "Finding Nemo" (previous year's themes include "Toy Story" and "The Incredibles"). The celebration included snow cones, swimming, cupcakes, dancing, lots of food, laughing and bouncing our butts off!
I estimate I did a good 6.5 hours of jumping that day!
My mom jumped for less than 2 minutes before falling over. Jumping ain't easy!
Brendan and momma Nellie in the bounce house.
Corey getting his jump on.
My BFF Kari taking a break. Did I mention it was over 100 degrees outside? It felt like 120 degrees in the jump house!
Brendan and his adorable girlfriend Ellie. He already likes older women :)
And we only had to call the fire department & paramedics once!
Unfortunately this year, we had a jump house first. Our good family friend, Emily, was jumping her heart out, took a bad bounce, and dislocated her shoulder. It broke my heart to see her in pain, but I have a feeling the 12 firemen/paramedics that came made her feel better! I feel terrible about the jump house's first casualty, but thankfully Emmy is in good spirits. We're all wishing her a smooth and speedy recovery!
The gang chillin' in the backyard.
Corey and the snow cone queen, Katie!
Mr. Cool and Uncle Kyle
As usual, Corey ends up asleep on the floor with Mr. Colt.
All in all, it was another great birthday party. Definitely one for the books! I had such a great birthday weekend, and I thank my family and friends for making me feel so special. I am a lucky girl to have so much love in my life!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

House Hunters Part 3

So the 3rd house we put an offer on has gone pending... and it isn't us. Before I get into the details, let me show the little place on Suncreek Way.
Love the colors, the roof, the windows... and LOVE the front door!
We really liked the open floor plan. And that fire place is perfect!
The kitchen was completely upgraded and had a beautiful window to the backyard.
And the backyard was HUGE. No pool, but we would definitey have had room for one!
So you may have noticed that all my descriptions were in past tense, because as I mentioned, we did not get the house. But this time it wasn't because there were multiple offers or cash buyers. This time it was a dilemma of economic proportions. What the house was listed for wasn't justified by the comps in the area, the smaller size of the house, and the huge yet unfinished backyard. We had seen plenty bigger houses with swimming pools that were listed for FAR less than what these guys were asking. And it wasn't just a small discrepency... the figure was far too high for this house. But we struggled with it because we did love it. A LOT! 
The property had been listed for 40 days with no offers, so we made an offer that was fair but significantly less than the asking price. We figured, the investors want to start turning a profit on the house, so they'd be silly to not consider every offer. But they were not budging from their price. When I heard this, I wasn't too concerned because I didn't believe anyone in their right mind would pay that kind of money for a house of this size. We'd wait til they lower the price (again). But I was wrong. The house went pending this morning.
I gasped out loud when I saw the little red "pending" sign next to the listing. I honestly didn't see it coming, and it hurt more than I thought it would. Once again, another house we fell in love with just wasn't meant to be.

They say "third time's a charm" but for us, I'm crossing my fingers for my lucky #4. It's always been my number, so I'm optimistic!

This weekend in between wedding errands and appointments, we will continue our search. Thank you all for your kinds words and advice. We'll find the house that was made for us soon enough!
P.S. I can't hardly believe that my wedding is in 44 days. That's crazy!

Monday, July 16, 2012

California State Fair

This past weekend was a busy one! Between our final wedding photo shoot in San Francisco on Friday, dinner with friends, picking out wedding flowers with our florist, searching for our house (and submitting offer #3!!), taking the jet skiis out on the lake, and the California State was the perfect mix of adventure and productivity that I needed!
When we were in high school, Corey and I used to go to the State Fair every year. He liked to ride the jenky rides (and I'd get sick just watching him), and I liked to walk around and look at the exhibits. But through college and living in the Bay Area, we've missed quite a few fairs. This year, I made my return with 2 of my sisters and their boys. It was just as I remembered it...
The gang, trying to decide which horribly unhealthy food to eat. So many choices!
I went straight for the fried sweets stand of course!
I've always wanted to try deep fried oreos...
Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed.
Too much dough and not enough oreo for my taste.
The boys knew what they wanted too!
Nellie & Ben and their foot-long corn dog.
Shawna & Bryan got the philly cheesesteak sandwich, garlic fries, and a deep fried veggie plater.
And we couldn't leave without having a funnel cake!
This lady was doing her thing, signing Katy Perry's "California Girls." How appropriate.
We ate, we played games, we looked at all the crazy things people were selling, we saw piglets and parrots and people watched, we saw a wannabee Jason Aldean go crazy through the crowd, and we walked until we couldn't walk anymore!
It was a great weekend! Stay tuned to see how house offer #3 unfolds. This one could get interesting...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

House Hunters Part 2

House hunting is hard work!
What started as a really fun, exciting process has slowly become a long, painful struggle. A couple weeks back, Corey and I saw 14 properties in one day and didn't like a single one enough to put an offer down. It feels like we've seen hundreds of houses, but there have only been 2 times that we've walked into a house and got that feeling
Here's some of the beauties and busts we've seen recently...
This house looks nice on the outside, but not so much on the inside. What a tease.
 We could deal with the mint-colored exterior on this one, but the salmon-colored tile throughout the kitchen and front room? We gotta draw the line somewhere.
 It's never a good sign when the for sale sign has to say "I'm Gorgeous Inside." 
 It was nice. Would I go as far as "gorgeous"? No. I would not.
And it's also not good when the front door is the nicest thing about the house.
 This one was nice, but it had a tiny front room. With the size of our gang, we have to have room to entertain!
 We loved everything about this house, until we walked into the backyard. Really? We need a little more room than that.
 LOVED the backyard on this one. Didn't love the house.
 I really liked the house and it even had a pool, but it's located on a really busy street. Not gonna work with doggies and kiddos running around.
 This one was beautiful in the front, and beautiful in the back, but everything in between? A LOT of work. And by a lot, I mean a TON.
 Then there was this gem. Pretty sure the only thing that would live in this house are the black widows that have currently taken over the porch.
How awesome is this backyard? The house was nice as well, but again, the front room was far too small to accommodate my family. 

After weeks of not seeing any houses we were remotely interested in, we started to doubt if we'd ever have that feeling again. You know, the feeling where you walk in and instantly know you could live there? Then came Old Orchard Way...
 I walked into this big, open home and immediately knew this could be the one.
 Then I saw the backyard, and I was sold. Corey wasn't with me and our realitor this time, but I only had to text him a few pictures for him to text me back "Let's do it."
 I loved the master bathroom, the huge kitchen, the 4 bedrooms, the walk-in pantry. Loved everything about it. Sure it could use a little TLC, but this was a project we were excited about. So we put in offer #2.
It was a bank owned property, and when we got to the house, there were already 20 other agents' cards on the table. We knew it was a long shot, but we put in our best offer and crossed our fingers. After a weekend of waiting and hoping and moving into the house in our minds, we got the call on Tuesday that they had a cash buyer that went well over the asking price. Our offer was strong, but the bank just wants the cash. It was disappointment and heartbreak all over again.
I'm not gonna lie, I took this one pretty hard. We are running out of time before the wedding, and I had hoped to have one before we left for our honeymoon so that we could come home to our new house and start the next chapter of our lives in it. On top of that, Corey's job transferred back home, so we will now be living in different cities until we find a house. I will stay here in San Francisco while he is an hour and half away in Sacramento. It's not that far, but it certainly won't be ideal for a couple of newlyweds. It honestly devastates me to not live in the same place as him, so I'm ready to find a house soon, to say the least.

We will be looking for homes again this weekend, so everyone cross your fingers that we finally find the house that was made for us!