Monday, July 2, 2012

Bad blogger.

I have been a terrible blogger lately.
I didn't realize just how terrible until I was on the phone with my dad the other day, and after our conversation, we exchanged our customary i love you's and just before we hung up, he said "blog more often!"
I know, I know. I've neglected my blog baby, but I can't even tell you how fast this summer is flying by! Is it just me or was it seriously just April the other day?
Between wedding planning, house hunting, and working like crazy, I feel like there's never enough time! 
But I have been kicking butt on my wedding to-do list. It feels like Christmas every time I go home because there's a pile of boxes with my name on it! This past week I got my bridesmaids gifts, money box, cupcake topper, candy bar utensils, wedding labels for the favors, and my bride flip flops (for when my feet hurt at the wedding and I still want to dance!)
While I still have a lot to do, I'm gettin there!
Corey and I are still searching for the house we can call a home. This past weekend we saw 14 properties in one day (thank goodness for our patient realitor. Shout out to Sue!) and still didn't find what we were looking for. We are waiting for that feeling. When we walk in the doors, we'll just know it is meant for us!
And the new job is still going strong! It's a lot of work and most days when I get home at night I am so mentally exhausted that all I wanna do is crawl into my bed, but I'm still happy with the career move I made. This Wednesday is a holiday and I actually get the day off! Woohoo!

When I'm not working or ordering wedding stuff online or on the computer looking for houses, you can find me chillin with Mr. Brendan...
Hope everyone is doing well and I can't wait to catch up on some blogs!


  1. what did u get for a money box? i cant find what i want!

  2. I've missed your blogging too! Good for your dad for the reminder ;) I hear you on the time flying though... I truly cannot believe its JULY! I can't believe our 1-year anniversary has come and went and we're now into the 2nd year! Just gotta enjoy every second of it :)

    Sounds like wedding planning is going well, you are getting a lot done! We had a much easier time finding a house than it sounds like you are--- so I hope you find one soon. Signing those papers and getting the keys will be SO WORTH ITTT! :)

  3. Yes, this summer is absolutely flying! You will find the perfect house within time - the wait will be worth it! And WOW, the end of August will be here before you know it - you are getting married NEXT month!! Have you made any progress on the sign??


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