Thursday, July 12, 2012

House Hunters Part 2

House hunting is hard work!
What started as a really fun, exciting process has slowly become a long, painful struggle. A couple weeks back, Corey and I saw 14 properties in one day and didn't like a single one enough to put an offer down. It feels like we've seen hundreds of houses, but there have only been 2 times that we've walked into a house and got that feeling
Here's some of the beauties and busts we've seen recently...
This house looks nice on the outside, but not so much on the inside. What a tease.
 We could deal with the mint-colored exterior on this one, but the salmon-colored tile throughout the kitchen and front room? We gotta draw the line somewhere.
 It's never a good sign when the for sale sign has to say "I'm Gorgeous Inside." 
 It was nice. Would I go as far as "gorgeous"? No. I would not.
And it's also not good when the front door is the nicest thing about the house.
 This one was nice, but it had a tiny front room. With the size of our gang, we have to have room to entertain!
 We loved everything about this house, until we walked into the backyard. Really? We need a little more room than that.
 LOVED the backyard on this one. Didn't love the house.
 I really liked the house and it even had a pool, but it's located on a really busy street. Not gonna work with doggies and kiddos running around.
 This one was beautiful in the front, and beautiful in the back, but everything in between? A LOT of work. And by a lot, I mean a TON.
 Then there was this gem. Pretty sure the only thing that would live in this house are the black widows that have currently taken over the porch.
How awesome is this backyard? The house was nice as well, but again, the front room was far too small to accommodate my family. 

After weeks of not seeing any houses we were remotely interested in, we started to doubt if we'd ever have that feeling again. You know, the feeling where you walk in and instantly know you could live there? Then came Old Orchard Way...
 I walked into this big, open home and immediately knew this could be the one.
 Then I saw the backyard, and I was sold. Corey wasn't with me and our realitor this time, but I only had to text him a few pictures for him to text me back "Let's do it."
 I loved the master bathroom, the huge kitchen, the 4 bedrooms, the walk-in pantry. Loved everything about it. Sure it could use a little TLC, but this was a project we were excited about. So we put in offer #2.
It was a bank owned property, and when we got to the house, there were already 20 other agents' cards on the table. We knew it was a long shot, but we put in our best offer and crossed our fingers. After a weekend of waiting and hoping and moving into the house in our minds, we got the call on Tuesday that they had a cash buyer that went well over the asking price. Our offer was strong, but the bank just wants the cash. It was disappointment and heartbreak all over again.
I'm not gonna lie, I took this one pretty hard. We are running out of time before the wedding, and I had hoped to have one before we left for our honeymoon so that we could come home to our new house and start the next chapter of our lives in it. On top of that, Corey's job transferred back home, so we will now be living in different cities until we find a house. I will stay here in San Francisco while he is an hour and half away in Sacramento. It's not that far, but it certainly won't be ideal for a couple of newlyweds. It honestly devastates me to not live in the same place as him, so I'm ready to find a house soon, to say the least.

We will be looking for homes again this weekend, so everyone cross your fingers that we finally find the house that was made for us!


  1. I'M SO SORRY!
    That has to be so stressful. Wishing and praying for the best of luck fo ryou too

  2. Ugh--- hang in there girlfriend!! Sending lots of good wishes and vibes your way that the perfect house sprouts up for you!!!

  3. I'm sorry girl!! I have a good feeling about this weekend!! Keep me posted!

  4. Awww bummer! I'm so sorry that you're having such a hard time with this house hunting. SOMETHING will turn up soon. All of this heartache and stress will be worth it.


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