Wednesday, July 18, 2012

House Hunters Part 3

So the 3rd house we put an offer on has gone pending... and it isn't us. Before I get into the details, let me show the little place on Suncreek Way.
Love the colors, the roof, the windows... and LOVE the front door!
We really liked the open floor plan. And that fire place is perfect!
The kitchen was completely upgraded and had a beautiful window to the backyard.
And the backyard was HUGE. No pool, but we would definitey have had room for one!
So you may have noticed that all my descriptions were in past tense, because as I mentioned, we did not get the house. But this time it wasn't because there were multiple offers or cash buyers. This time it was a dilemma of economic proportions. What the house was listed for wasn't justified by the comps in the area, the smaller size of the house, and the huge yet unfinished backyard. We had seen plenty bigger houses with swimming pools that were listed for FAR less than what these guys were asking. And it wasn't just a small discrepency... the figure was far too high for this house. But we struggled with it because we did love it. A LOT! 
The property had been listed for 40 days with no offers, so we made an offer that was fair but significantly less than the asking price. We figured, the investors want to start turning a profit on the house, so they'd be silly to not consider every offer. But they were not budging from their price. When I heard this, I wasn't too concerned because I didn't believe anyone in their right mind would pay that kind of money for a house of this size. We'd wait til they lower the price (again). But I was wrong. The house went pending this morning.
I gasped out loud when I saw the little red "pending" sign next to the listing. I honestly didn't see it coming, and it hurt more than I thought it would. Once again, another house we fell in love with just wasn't meant to be.

They say "third time's a charm" but for us, I'm crossing my fingers for my lucky #4. It's always been my number, so I'm optimistic!

This weekend in between wedding errands and appointments, we will continue our search. Thank you all for your kinds words and advice. We'll find the house that was made for us soon enough!
P.S. I can't hardly believe that my wedding is in 44 days. That's crazy!


  1. Remember just because it is pending, doesn't mean they will get the appraisal that they need for the loan. I know the perfect place is out there for you guys. Did you check out the place I sent you on Tamara?

    Good luck.

  2. Crossing my fingers for you!! :) I know it will be worth the wait! Your wedding is soooo excited for you!!

  3. Ugh, hang in there friend!! It really will be worth the wait. I'll be honest, I think we rushed into purchasing our house a little bit, and there are definitely things we didn't think about when we bought. Don't get me wrong, our first house is still a nice house, but there are MANY things we now know we want in the next house.

    The perfect house WILL be there for you guys!! :)

  4. GIRL! We are in the same damn boat and im soooooo frustrated!!! we get out bid or investors screw us everytime. still waiting to hear on a certain resd right now, but like you said, the comps are way diff then asking price.

  5. Searching your dream house can really be a pain in the neck! But as the old folks say, patience is a virtue , and you’ll get your dream house at the right time and prize. This is a nice house, but it is a good thing that didn’t get this place because you may not land on your current house now, which by the way has a swimming pool. ;-) It’s late, but still congratulations on your new home.

    Calvin Mordarski


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