Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bridal Shower #2: Garden Tea Party

This past weekend I had my second and final bridal shower. It was a beautiful garden tea party thrown by my awesome godmother. Everything about the little backyard party was perfect. 
When I grow up, I want to have a tea cup collection as cool as my godmother's!
This little chocolate desert was to die for!
My godmother & me :)
Kimberly had the secret sticker under her chair, so she won a special prize.
Momma Shawna is finally starting to show! Love that little Bambino!
Clearly Brendan is over all these girlie parties!

I am seriously so blessed to have the best people in my life. Over the course of this past year of wedding planning, I have had so much help and support for anything I need. I still can't believe I'm getting married in 9 days!!! It hasn't quite sunk in yet, but I have a feeling it will very soon!
... it certainly is!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bachelorette Weekend: Catalina Island

This past weekend, while Corey and the guys went to Las Vegas, my girls and I headed to the beautiful Catalina Island for my bachelorette weekend. It wasn't your typical, crazy bachelorette weekend... it was absolutely perfect for me. Low key, lots of laughs, and pure relaxation with my favorite girls in the whole world: my 3 sisters, my soon to be sister-in-law, and my mom. I couldn't have asked for a more fun and relaxing weekend in a better place.

We spent our first day exploring the island and taking in the beautiful views. We also did some shopping in the cute little shops.
We all had some delicious waffle cones at Big Olaf's ice cream.
We learned that Catalina Island is home to some rare buffalo, as evidenced by the random buffalo statues around the island.
We ate dinner at a festive little Mexican restaurant. The 18 ounce margaritas were pretty darn delicious!
After dinner, we ended our first day with the scariest thing I've ever done in my life. Nellie and I zip lined down the side of the island in the pitch black darkness! It was SO scary but SO fun! Usually I don't get scared or nervous, but I was hesitant to go each time. You'd think they'd get easier after you do one or two lines, but no. It was scary the whole way down. I am so glad I did this though... definitely something I will never forget!
Our second day on the island started with massages and wraps at the hotel's spa, and continued with a lovely lunch on the patio of the cutest little cafe, Cafe Metropole. 
After lunch, we headed out to the beach to work on our tans.
 The walk to the beach was pretty awesome.
 Shawna and the Bambino, me and Kimberly soaking up the sun. 

The last night we did the typical bachelorette party stuff. I was so happy to have my mom there! She is seriously the best.
 The girls and our funny shaped straws :)
I actually skateboarded in my dress. That's how I roll. Haha.

I had the best weekend, and I'm so thankful for my big sis Shawna (also my maid of honor) who organized my special weekend, my mom for coming on this awesome trip and everything she did for us, and all my sisters for coming. It was my perfect bachelorette weekend! I'm not gonna lie... I did miss Corey. Can't believe we're getting married in 18 days! So excited to soon be his Mrs!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Update

It's hard to believe that my wedding is only 23 days away. It always felt like it was so far in the future and that I had plenty of time. Well, time is running out! Thankfully I have all of the big stuff in the books and am steadily working out the details. I am really happy with everything I've booked, ordered, purchased and received so far. I can't wait to see it all put together!

Here are a few highlights, without giving too much away...
The Vows
Corey and I took a lot of time writing our entire ceremony from start to finish, carefully molding the script to make it our own. We made sure the language was "us" and that it captured the playfulness but honored the sincerity of our love. We also added in a few wrinkles that I am very excited about :)
The Flowers 
We recently received a sample centerpiece from our florist, and it made me SO excited to see the whole place decorated with the beautiful arrangements I've selected. My favorite flowers, lillies, will be the central flower of the fun, fresh bouquets and centerpieces. I can't wait to see how all the beautiful white and yellow flowers complement the navy blue bridesmaid dresses.
The Cupcake Stand
My Uncle Craig is such a skilled craftsman. He built us a beautiful cupcake stand from scratch after I complained to him how expensive it was to rent one for the night. I will dress it up with ribbon and fill it with cupcakes and flowers on the big day. Didn't he do a great job? I think he should start his own line of cupcake stands... and he just might!
The Honeymoon
This is what I see when I close my eyes and day dream about our honeymoon. At first we set our sites on Bora Bora, which turned out to be a bit out of our price range. Then we thought it would be St. Lucia. Turns out the beginning of September is the peak of hurricane season and the height of rainy season in the caribbean. I can't imagine rain and storms on my honeymoon, so we decided to play it safe and go where we know it will be warm... Cancun! We are staying at a brand new all-inclusive resort. I have been dreaming about this vacation for sooooo long. I can't WAIT for a week of food, relaxation, and fun with my new husband :)

Here's a quick list of projects done and received in the mail: personalized runner, bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts, guest sign-in book (that I'm in love with!), bride & groom bobbleheads, shot glass favors, cupcake stand topper, money box, and thank you cards.

There's so much we've done, but we still have a little bit of work to do...

The "Still To-Do before I Say I do" List
-Placecards (designed, just need to produce them)
-Wedding sign (still in progress!)
-Make officiant "official" at the county courthouse (August 14th)
-Marriage License (August 17th)
-Purchase candy for candy bar (week of wedding)
-Seating Chart
-Make final payments

This weekend, my girls and I are headed to Catalina Island for my bachelorette weekend. None of us have ever been there, so I am excited to explore the island!

The countdown is on! I'm trying to take it all in since this only happens once in a lifetime!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Life Lately.

My oh my how this summer is flying by!
It honestly startles me everytime I look at the calendar these days. When I looked at it today and realized I am getting married in 25 days, I had to control my inner panic mode. Well, maybe panic isn't the right word, because I've been getting a ton of wedding stuff done lately (hence the lack of blogging!)... it's more of a sense of urgency. It's officially crunch time!
For the next few weeks, I am going to start my "Wedding Wednesday" posts to update everyone on the planning and the process, and by saying that out loud here on the blog, I am holding myself accountable! So for now, here is what I've been up to lately in my non-stop, happy, and crazy life...
Baby Brendan is getting so big!
This little guy is the love of all our lives. He is so handsome and he gets bigger and bigger everytime I see him. He's got the cutest personality and I love when he tries to talk. I love being his auntie!
I ate at the famous "Joe's Cable Car" (as seen on my dad's favorite show, Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives). The burgers & shakes are pretty darn good!
House Hunters Part 582 (at least it feels that way!). This is the house we came close to puting offer #4 on. After bringing out our crew of trusty contractors (aka my dad's friends), we decided the floorplan would just not work. The home search continues...
We actually took a few hours off house hunting and wedding planning to enjoy an afternoon on the lake with our good friends and the jet skiis.
These would be burnt crescent rolls. Long story short, with these babies cooking in the oven, I went to take the garbage out and locked myself out of my apartment. No keys, no phone, no shoes. With the smell of burning biscuits filling the hallway and the sound of the oven timer constantly reminding me that something is burning, I ran down the street to the apartment manager's office. Ring, ring, answer. So I left an emergency message with the maintenance people and waited. After what felt like 10 hours of waiting, the manager finally came down with the key to open the door. Despite my smelly candles and wall plug-ins, the apartment still smells like burnt biscuits. Lesson learned.
 Colty has been swimming with Corey a lot...
 ...and watching the Olympics with me. Love that guy.
One random note...I recently had the best fresh-squeezed orange juice of my life.
Coach Vic & a fresh quail egg
And after my mom's best friend hit a jackpot on the "Kitty Glitter" penny slot, we were treated to an amazing sushi dinner. Great food with some of the greatest people I know.
Uncle Craig, the chop stick master
 It's been a busy summer, but honestly one of the best ones of my life so far. And we've still got a lot to do!