Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Update

It's hard to believe that my wedding is only 23 days away. It always felt like it was so far in the future and that I had plenty of time. Well, time is running out! Thankfully I have all of the big stuff in the books and am steadily working out the details. I am really happy with everything I've booked, ordered, purchased and received so far. I can't wait to see it all put together!

Here are a few highlights, without giving too much away...
The Vows
Corey and I took a lot of time writing our entire ceremony from start to finish, carefully molding the script to make it our own. We made sure the language was "us" and that it captured the playfulness but honored the sincerity of our love. We also added in a few wrinkles that I am very excited about :)
The Flowers 
We recently received a sample centerpiece from our florist, and it made me SO excited to see the whole place decorated with the beautiful arrangements I've selected. My favorite flowers, lillies, will be the central flower of the fun, fresh bouquets and centerpieces. I can't wait to see how all the beautiful white and yellow flowers complement the navy blue bridesmaid dresses.
The Cupcake Stand
My Uncle Craig is such a skilled craftsman. He built us a beautiful cupcake stand from scratch after I complained to him how expensive it was to rent one for the night. I will dress it up with ribbon and fill it with cupcakes and flowers on the big day. Didn't he do a great job? I think he should start his own line of cupcake stands... and he just might!
The Honeymoon
This is what I see when I close my eyes and day dream about our honeymoon. At first we set our sites on Bora Bora, which turned out to be a bit out of our price range. Then we thought it would be St. Lucia. Turns out the beginning of September is the peak of hurricane season and the height of rainy season in the caribbean. I can't imagine rain and storms on my honeymoon, so we decided to play it safe and go where we know it will be warm... Cancun! We are staying at a brand new all-inclusive resort. I have been dreaming about this vacation for sooooo long. I can't WAIT for a week of food, relaxation, and fun with my new husband :)

Here's a quick list of projects done and received in the mail: personalized runner, bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts, guest sign-in book (that I'm in love with!), bride & groom bobbleheads, shot glass favors, cupcake stand topper, money box, and thank you cards.

There's so much we've done, but we still have a little bit of work to do...

The "Still To-Do before I Say I do" List
-Placecards (designed, just need to produce them)
-Wedding sign (still in progress!)
-Make officiant "official" at the county courthouse (August 14th)
-Marriage License (August 17th)
-Purchase candy for candy bar (week of wedding)
-Seating Chart
-Make final payments

This weekend, my girls and I are headed to Catalina Island for my bachelorette weekend. None of us have ever been there, so I am excited to explore the island!

The countdown is on! I'm trying to take it all in since this only happens once in a lifetime!


  1. Everything sounds so great!

    We have the same wedding colors, too! The only difference is instead of navy blue, we are using a light blue!

    Have fun this weekend! :) Sounds like such a beautiful place for a bachelorette party!


  2. We took a big chance going to the Carribean at the beginning of October... we knew it was hurricane season! But, being as OCD as I am, I bought trip insurance! We didn't need it, but we did go through a tropical depression on our last day on the boat!

    All of your projects look wonderful and I can't wait to see how your signs turn out! You'll get it all done, don't you worry!

  3. Oh my goodness you will have SUCH a blast this weekend with your girls!! Wish I could join you ;) Cannot believe your big day is almost here!!!!

  4. Those flowers are seriously so gorgeous! You're big day is going to be perfect Steph! Can't believe it's soo close!!

  5. You will LOVE Catalina. It's so quaint and special.

    23 days?? That is so crazy! It's so close. YAY!

  6. I too have so much to do and only 18 days! getting teh marriage license tmw! one thing at a time..


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