Monday, October 15, 2012

Our brand new baby girl, Ruby!

For the past 10 years, Corey and I have always talked about getting a baby girl rottweiler that we would call "Ruby." I've had her name picked out for what seems like forever (ruby is my birthstone), and I've had plenty of dreams where Ruby and I are playing at the park, driving up the coast, and swimming in the pool. And now, I am happy to announce all our dreams are coming true and we finally got our baby Ruby!
On Saturday morning, Corey told me there was a female rottweiler in the paper and that it was the best price he'd seen in months. We had always wanted to wait until we got our house to get the dog, but with the house hopefully just a couple weeks away (details hopefully coming soon!), we thought we would go take a look and see if we like the puppy. Even if it was in one of the worst parts of town, we thought we'd give it a shot. The second we laid eyes on her, we knew we found our girl.
So, after the breeder said his goodbyes to her, we brought Ruby home with us. Our first stop was the doggy salon where she got the "puppy works." While she got her nails trimmed, teeth cleaned, hair scrubbed, and ears cleaned, Corey, aunt Kari and I went on a doggy shopping spree. We got her food, toys, a personalized collar, a water dish, a bone, a brush and anything else she might need, and then hit the road to our parents' houses to show off our new baby.
Ruby looks like a little mini Mr. Colt. But Colty isn't too sure about the new baby yet!
Everyone fell in love with her immediately. She is so sweet and mellow. Even with all our dogs sniffing her and snapping at her, she just goes with the flow. She's a good snuggler and she loves to be held like a baby :)
Ruby and her daddy
Ruby and auntie Nellie
This little girl has quickly become the love of our lives. She hit the doggy jackpot when she came home with us because she will definitely be one very spoiled, but well-behaved, pup.
She is so darn cute, I can't stop taking pitcures of her! I know she is going to get big real fast (see how big her paws are?), so I am going to take advantage of holding her while I can! I am so hapy we finally found our Ruby. I can't believe she's actually here!
xo Steph


  1. This post makes me happy! I remember bringing Marlie home the first weekend and I could hold her on one arm. She was the cutest little thing. And now....well. You've seen the size of her! Hahaha

    Let Ruby know Mar sends puppy hugs her way!

  2. Aww! She is so sweet! :)

    Brian and I have plans to get a kitten...eventually... Probably once we are more settled. We've had a name picked out for over a year. Ha!


  3. How adorable! I can't wait to watch her grow!

  4. Yipee! So cute rots are such sweethearts my old roomie had one and I loved him. Let's get together when your in town! i also have a really great recommendation for dog food for you. Nature's Select it's REALLY really good food and is made of quality ingredients..

  5. woo hoo so cute! Such a good thing to do as a married couple!

  6. Aww how exciting!!!! She is adorable. I can't wait to see more pictures of her!

  7. She is so cute!! I want a puppy so bad, but I need to wait until I'm out of a small apartment! She is precious though!

  8. So cute! I have a Rott/Bernese Mountain Dog mix (black, tan, and white) and she is the best dog ever!

  9. Congrats, Momma! I want a little puppy so bad!

    Can't wait to plan our meet-up next month, sweet lady! :)

  10. Seriously...I still can't get over how dang cute she is. I want a Ruby now!

  11. Oh! I want her! I had a rottweiler growing up and want another one so bad but unfortunately they aren't allowed in my apartment building :(


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