Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Technical difficulties.

For whatever reason, October has just not been my month in terms of technology. First, my digital camera breaks down after a little over a year and I have to send it off for repairs. Of course it was 2 months past its warranty, so that was a nice little out-of-pocket expense. It wasn't too big of a deal though; I could continue to blog with decent-quality pictures from my iPhone for the time being. No sweat.
Then this past weekend, my 4-year-old MacBook started having some trouble. The computer would be completely fine for 10-15 minutes, then all of a sudden, no matter what I was doing, vertical black and white lines would appear across the screen and the computer would freeze. No matter how many times I restarted the computer or prayed to Jesus that she be ok, the computer was a no go. After a trip to the genius bar last night, I was told the computer would have to be sent in for some lengthy and costly repairs. Ouch. That one hurt. Not only because I need my Mac to blog, but mostly because I didn't have a chance to back up all my pictures and documents I've accumulated over the past 4 years.
Because of the scary combination of bad luck and bad timing, I had to wipe all the pictures off my digital camera before sending it in to get fixed. Of course I backed them all up on my computer. Well isn't that just great? Luckily, my BFF Kari and I were smart enough to back up the camera pictures a second time on her computer, so those are safe. But I've got pictures from highschool, all our family vacations, dates with Corey for the past 10 years, holidays, jobs, etc on that computer that I'd be devstated to lose. My personal genius bar, aka Kari, is going to try and help me extract all my data before sending the computer in this weekend, so fingers crossed I can preserve all my visual memories!
So long story short, I won't be able to do a wedding wednesday blog this week since all my wedding pictures are currently trapped in MacBook hell and the original CD isn't here in San Francisco with me. I promise I will make it up in the coming weeks (or however long it takes to get my computer up and running again). Until then, you guys might be stuck with boring blog posts with limited pictures that rely solely on my writing skills. Sounds like a  fun challenge to me!
Speaking of difficulties, tonight I am off to the Oakland Coliseum with my brother-in-law to root for the A's as they face elimination in the American League Division Series at the hands of the Detroit Tigers. This is huge people. They are down 2-0 in the series and every game at home is a MUST WIN. The Coliseum is sure to be fired up, and I can't wait to be a part of the electric atmosphere. Let's Go Oakland!


  1. I'm sorry you're having tech issues! My laptop had problems within a year of buying it, and I lost some pictures (though many were backed up online). After that happened, I bought an external hard drive. Hopefully you can recover all your pictures! Good luck to the A's too!

  2. UGH to technical difficulties!!! I hope you can recover everything… I lost a ton of stuff while in college, and I didn't have any friend/help getting them back. Still stinks!!!

  3. No bueno!! I hope everything's not lost!!

    Thanks for the email today!! Your pointers were fab!

  4. YUCK - 0! I dumped coffee on my Mac Book just before the wedding {tragic accident}! Talk about stress!! Hopefully it's all fixed and back to you soon, I can totally feel your pain :/


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