Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Wedding Party

I always look forward to Wednesdays so I have an excuse to look at my wedding pictures for the millionth time! We had the best wedding party ever. We kept it small and simple, which made things easy and we know that 50 years from now when we look at these pictures, our children will know every single person in them.

The Bridesmaids
From left to right: My BFF Kari, sister Pixie, sister Shawna (and my future nephew in her belly!), me, sister Nellie and sister-in-law Kimberly
The Groomsmen
From left to right: Corey's friends Daniel V., Peter, Daniel M., my cousin Anthony the ring bearer, Corey, Corey's brother Keith, and friend Alexis
I love how the grey and navy color combo turned out in the pictures. It was exactly what I envisioned! We are so lucky to have such awesome siblings and friends. They all made this day easy, fun, and definitely memorable!

Next Week's Recap
First Look Photos

xo Steph


  1. SO beautiful! Love the bridal party attire. Kinda reminds me of ours :)

  2. Beautiful girls and handome fellas! LOVE all the pictures :) you are so stunning steph! xoxo

  3. Stop making me wait a week! Post more!! :) That's funny Peter was in your wedding small world!

  4. You are sooo CUTE!!!!!! Congrats on everything!!!!
    I love all of these pictures. Hope everything is amazing!!!

  5. The grey and the navy are perfect together. Wedding photos are my absolute favorite and I can't wait to see more of yours!!

  6. So beautiful! You did a first look. I am so jealous, I wish we would have

  7. I love this what a great group you clearly have fab taste duh lol

  8. I absolutely love the gray and navy combo, it's stunning!!! Also, I adore your dress, its so unique and gorgeous!

    1. This is a great post it was very informative. I look forward to reading more of your work. So I made sure to bookmark your site so I can come back later. I enjoyed every minute of this reading


  9. Your bridal party was just as gorgeous - LOVE the navy :)

  10. I just found your blog! What a gorgeous wedding! Can't wait to read more! xoxo. Jillian

  11. I am normally not a fan of bridesmaids dresses, but LOVE the ones you chose!!

  12. love the colors! you and your maids look gorgeous!


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