Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wedding Friday: The dancing!

I know my wedding posts keep getting later and later in the week, but I try my best to squeeze them in as soon as possible. This is one of my favorite wedding posts because it is all about the dancing! I seriously had the time of my life that night, and I didn't sit down at all once the music started playing. And I love looking at the pictures of our friends and family dancing their hearts out and having such a good time. I literally loved every second of our wedding reception!
It started with our first dance as husband and wife. During our song, I felt so at peace and full of love. My heart was happy knowing that I was slow dancing with the person that would love me the rest of my life.

And then it was party time! Corey busted out some moves for this special occasion!
I gave Corey a little dance before he took my garter off...
And then he blew me away with some moves of his own! Totally surprised me (clearly!) and I loved it!
All my girls showing me some love!
Paul and Kadie breaking it down!
My uncle Fred was feelin' it!
I love reliving this night through these pictures. We had SUCH a good time! Definitely a night I'll never forget!
We are nearing the end of my wedding posts, but stay tuned for a final wedding picture wrap up and our honeymoon pictures! And of course, a house update. I promise it's coming!
xo Steph


  1. Omg!!! Lol are you giving him a lap dance?! Amazing. Dancing pics are totally the best! This has def been one of my favorite post. Love these. Ps- are you on market and Fremont? Where the Starbucks is

  2. LOVE this post, Steph! You're wedding was definitely a whole night of fun :)

  3. This looks like such a fun reception!! Everyone looks like they are having a great time!!

    I love your dress! It looks amazing on you!!

  4. Soo fun I love the "little" dance idea

  5. haha mine too did a dance and shocked me. fun times

  6. I feel like I was there! These pictures are so fun! And your face when Corey did some moves before he took off your garter - priceless!

  7. I found your blog not too long ago and I have already been through all of your posts. I love all the wedding posts as I got engaged in September and am now planning my wedding for next September. It seems like you had such a great time and I love your dress.


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