Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wedding Thursday: The reception details

First off, my apologies that this "Wedding Wednesday" post turned into a "Wedding Thursday, almost Friday" post. Since the time change, my days have been flying by and it always feels like there's not enough time to squeeze in everything I need to do! Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled wedding blog...

This post is full of the details that made this wedding us. We had a couple non-traditional ideas that we had to work in because they symbolized who we are (i.e. baseball tickets for Corey, candy bar for me!). Baseball has always been a huge part of Corey's life, which inherently means it is a huge part of my life, so we tried to weave it in where we could. I couldn't be happier with how all our ideas came together!

The Place Cards
Our place cards came out EXACTLY as I always envisioned them, thanks to my BFF Kari. She took the ideas I sent her and turned them into a perfect wedding-themed baseball ticket. She incorporated our wedding colors, our guests 'meal selections, and our favorite team - the Oakland A's. And the bar code makes it so authentic. These were place cards that our guests wanted to keep as mementos of the big day.

The Guest Table Display
Once we had the ticket idea, we had to figure out how to display them. I always envisioned them sitting in grass somehow, so my uncle Craig built us a baseball field and people had to go to "Will Call" to pick up their tickets. My theme throughout the wedding was sporty but still classy, and this table turned out better than I imagined. And yes, those are bobbleheads of Corey and I on a pitching mound (see next picture).
The Bobbleheads
So these custom-made bobbleheads didn't turn out exactly as I envisioned (does that really look anything like me?), but they got the job done.They were just a fun way to tie the whole baseball-wedding theme together, and they fit right in with my Oakland A's bobblehead collection!
The Cupcakes & Cupcake Topper
I love, love, loved our cupcakes! We decided on cupcakes because neither of us are really big cake people, and we figured more people would eat them if they could pick one up and carry it around, as opposed to a plate of cake. We had 4 flavors of cupcakes: chocolate with a chocolate cream cheese frosting, vanilla bean, oreo (my pick) and carrot cake (Corey's pick). The extras were delivered to our honeymoon suite, so I spent my wedding night stuffing my face with cupcakes while sitting by the fire. Pure bliss! Also, my uncle Craig built us this cupcake stand and I put the navy ribbon on. We will be using this cupcake stand for many future Rosa & Weglin parties!
In addition to the fresh flowers, the cupcakes were topped by a bride with a bat and a groom getting ready to pitch the ball. This was perfect for us since Corey is a pitcher. When I bought these, the only option was a blonde bride and a groom with black hair, so BFF Kari came to the rescue (again) and painted the appropriate hair colors.
Another funny story... when it was time for us to cutely feed eachother slices of the cupcake, I cut the cupcake into fours, and before I could put a piece in Corey's mouth... he was feeding himself!
Haha! After this picture was taken, I laughed so hard because I said "Corey! I'm supposed to feed you and you feed me!" and he said, "How was I supposed to know? We never practiced that!" We did the whole traditional photo-op feeding eachother bit after this, but that was just hilarious.
The Garter & Engraved Baseball
Instead of just tossing a token garter to his boys, Corey tossed the garter wrapped around an engraved baseball with our wedding date so it would be something someone could keep. Before he tossed it, Corey and I both "autographed" the ball, so the groomsman that caught it has our first official autographs.
The Centerpieces
Like everything else, I LOVED our centerpieces. My vision of beautiful white, classic flowers with yellow lillies mixed in turned out amazing. Our florist was wonderful. I also liked that our centerpieces were in silver bowls instead of the standard glass vases. The silver made it pop. We put a star on the back of one person from each table's baseball ticket to designate them as the person that got to take home the centerpiece. It was nice to be able to give a few of the special women in our lives something to take home, and then we didn't have to pack them all up when the night was over.
The Candy Bar
The first decision I ever made about my wedding was that there would absolutely be a candy bar! With me and my sweet tooth, it just had to be there! We added a little extra something with our homemade signs: the alcohol bar said "Corey's Bar" and my candy bar obviously was designated "Steph's Bar." Unfortunately this picture was taken towards the end of the night when most of the candy was long gone, but you still get the idea. We had take home bags with monogrammed stickers so people could load up and take some for the ride home.
Everything at our wedding was just so, so perfect. I was overwhelmed with love and happiness the whole day and night. You can see it written all over my face in this candid picture of me just taking it all in...
At the time, it was pretty stressful, but now I miss planning my wedding. All the decisions, the craziness, the excitement... it was a once in a lifetime experience! Glad I get to re-live it all with you here on my blog every week!
xo Steph


  1. Love this. I love the idea of a candy bar!

  2. I love all the little details! The flowers were perfect and the baseball theme is so cute. We also had cupcakes and they were a hit. I knew right away that I wanted a candy bar--I am SO glad we did one. Clearly we both have good taste with the candy bar and cupcakes. :)

  3. Aw Steph this is perfect! Of course the candy bar would be "your's" haha I love how incredibly happy you look! Glad everything came together so perfectly.

  4. "We didn't practice that" hahahaha soo funny!

  5. the place cards are so great! i love how personal all the little details are!

  6. love the place cards in the grass!! turned out so good!!

  7. Those place cards?? SO awesome. That is such a good idea!!!

    You collect bobbleheads too?? We were meant to be friends :D

    Still cracking up about Corey feeding himself first! "We didn't practice that!" good!

  8. Do you know what program your friend used to make your place cards? That's EXACTLY what I'm looking to do!


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