Sunday, January 6, 2013

Brendan's Baptism.

This past Saturday, we celebrated Brendan's latest milestone as he received the sacrament of Baptism. While he is too young to really understand the importance of this day, we were all honored to be a part of the beginning of his life-long and faith-filled journey.
Our little man ready to go in his white suit.
 Brendan with Father Ed, his parents, and his godparents.
The Baptism ceremony was short and sweet, and it also had it's comedic moments. During the prayer, an iPhone started ringing. As we all looked around waiting to see which one of us boneheads hadn't turned our phone on vibrate, the priest reached into his robe to get his phone. As we all busted up laughing, Father Ed actually answered it and told his friend Joseph that he was right in the middle of a Baptism and that he'd call him later. It was so funny, and quite refreshing to have such a down-to-earth priest bring Brendan into the Catholic faith.
 Brendan with his mom and his aunties.
 The whole family. This boy is so, so loved!
After the ceremony, my parents hosted a lunch in Brendan's honor. And the man of the hour may have had a little too much cake!
And cousin Ruby got to attend the party too!
We are so excited for Brendan and his journey. We all just want to be there to give him endless support, encouragement and love in everything he does. I told you this boy won the jackpot when he was born! He has an army of people that would do absolutely anything for him! And we wouldn't think twice about it. Little Johnny is up next!


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