Monday, March 4, 2013

Pixie's Party!

This past weekend we celebrated my baby sister's birthday. I swear Pixie is still 14 in my mind...where does the time go?? I was so happy that every single member of my immediate family, all our friends, all the babies, and even Ruby could all be together to celebrate this crazy little girl.
Birthday girl had a little too much fun this birthday weekend!
The guys hanging outside.
The girls holding down the fort inside.
Uncle Corey and Brendan. He is getting so big!
My soulmates!
 All the mommys and their baby boys...
 And the matching daddys and their baby boys!
 Cupcake time!

We all love you so much Pix! 
These are the times, just hanging out at my parents' house with my people, are the moments I live for. 


  1. the love for your family just shines through your posts, Steph! you are one lucky lady!! x

  2. Looks like you all had a good time

  3. So sweet I love that your family is so close!


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