Monday, April 15, 2013

Brendan's 1st Birthday

Man, it's crazy how fast time flies! I feel like we were just at the hospital, waiting for my first nephew to arrive, and now the little man that completely and utterly owns all of us is one year old. I fell in love with this guy the second  I laid eyes on him, and I've absolutely enjoyed every single second I've spent watching him grow. Brendan has been walking and talking since very early on, and I can't wait for the day he learns how to say "auntie!" I'm telling you, it's ridiculous how cute this little guy is. And his laugh just melts my heart. If I'm ever stressed or worried, he makes me forget about everything. How could you be upset when you look into those sweet blue eyes and hear that little belly laugh? We are so lucky to have this guy in our lives, and this past weekend we had a chance to all come together and celebrate our little monkey!

Brendan's momma Nellie was stressing about this party, but everything turned out absolutely perfect. The monkey-themed birthday bash was a hit and I think Brendan and his pals all had a good time :)
Brendan loved the sign I made for him... which made me happy since auntie spent many, many hours on that sign!
Brendan and his momma. He looooved the balloons.
Crazy hair!
Johnny Fontana made an appearance, rocking some mad cool style.
Brendan playing with his pal. 
The birthday boy and I.
Gramma having a good time with Johnny.

Brendan's mom and dad bring him the cake... although he's wasn't too sure about it.
Nope, not a fan of the cake.
The crowd gathers to watch the birthday boy open a ton of presents.
He loved all his toys...
...but he really loves his books! Especially the Mickey Mouse Club book.
And he picked up some chicks with his new ride!
After a full day of playing with his pals, eating, drinking, and having fun, our happy little monkey had enough!

Brendan has already brought so much happiness to our lives in his first year. I can't wait to keep watching him grow into a handsome, smart, and sweet little man.
P.S. Thank you to auntie Kari/our family photographer for the amazing pictures!


  1. Love this. He looks so cute! Its so funny how hesitant they are to eat that smash cake. If only they knew next year they wont get that opportunity!

  2. I can't believe he is already 1 either!! I've loved seeing all his cute pics over the first year... you are one proud Auntie :) Goodness, I can't wait to have some nieces and nephews to spoil. And that banner you made is SO CUTE!!!

  3. I love how close your family is...mine is the same way!
    And little Brendan is the cutest thing ever.

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