Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ruby Tuesday

I can NOT believe how fast my little girl Ruby has grown up. It feels like just yesterday that we went and picked up the last remaining girl from the litter; the cutest, most playful little pup rolling around in the dirt. I miss the days of being able to hold her and carry her around like a little baby, but Ruby is still the sweetest, most loving puppy ever! She runs our house for sure! She's got Corey wrapped around her little paw, and he is absolutely the love of her life. She follows him around everywhere and even gets jealous when he hugs me. She's a crazy little girl, and I couldn't imagine our lives without her.

Here are some pictures of her first 8 months so you can see how big she's gotten (warning: be prepared for doggy picture overload!)
The day we brought little miss Ruby home!
Rubes and her daddy. They have a special bond!
I feel like she was only this small for a couple days!
Such a little stinker!
She loooves giving Corey kisses.
I can't believe she used to fit in that space!
This video still makes me cry... my BFF Kari compiled a ton of tremendously cute and sweet footage of Ruby growing up with Sadie.

And then almost overnight, she was all grown up!
When I tell her we're going to Petco, her favorite store, she waits by the door. The employees there love her, and let her pick whatever she wants from the doggy bar. She makes friends everywhere she goes!
She loves going for walks with momma. And she is SO good on the leash. She doesn't pull or bark, and refuses to go potty on anyone else's lawn. She is such a lady!
I don't think she'll ever be too big for Corey to hold her. She still loves when he holds her like a baby!
She goes with us everywhere we can take her, and she gets so exhausted from running around and playing with everyone. She goes to Home Depot, family parties, Corey's baseball games, and anywhere else doggies are allowed!
And she still loves hanging with her first friend, Sadie.
She is so happy when she's outside with us in the yard.
This is Ruby today, and yes, Corey still holds her like a baby!
Ruby is our first baby, and she is the love of our lives! She's such a doll... even when she chews up the TV remotes! She comes almost every where we go and is so well-behaved. I am such a proud dog momma! She is scheduled for surgery in a couple weeks to get fixed, remove her dewclaws, and get microchipped, and I am already a nervous wreck about it. She's our baby girl and has been the best dog we could ever ask for. 


  1. Ruby is seriously the PRETTIEST pup ever!! I'm so jealous, I want her haha!! How nice that she's such a sweetie and so well behaved!!! :)

  2. Wow what a sweet pup! They grow up so fast (tear!) but I love all these pictures of her, so cute! xoxo

  3. Awww Ruby is sooo cute!! It is so good that she is so well behaved. We are still working on that with Brutus haha.

  4. She is so sweet! I wish I could find a dog that would only go potty on our own lawn..

  5. awww LOVE!! they make life so much better


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