Friday, April 26, 2013

What a Week!

This was one of the craziest work weeks I've had to date. Between working two major events, checking into three different hotels in three days, and balancing four different clients, this week was definitely a blur. I couldn't be happier that the weekend is finally here!

It all started on Sunday when I drove to San Francisco to fly to Los Angeles. One of my main clients is Virgin America, and they don't fly out of Sacramento, so it's an hour and a half drive before I hop on a flight for them. This week, the airline launched a brand new route from LAX to Las Vegas, complete with an inaugural flight full of celebrities, a red carpet ceremony at the airport, and a full scale launch party at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas. It was busy to say the least!
At LAX, the celebrities reported to the amazing Virgin America Loft for photo opps before boarding the inaugural flight. Our celebrities included Stacy Kiebler (who was unbelievably nice!), Jamie Pressley (who didn't take off her sunglasses once), Joe Jonas (and his new girlfriend), and Adrienne Maloof (a former housewife of Beverly Hills). Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson was also in attendance, and people go crazy over him! I sat right behind him and the celebs on the flight, and it was the most surreal plane ride of my life. 
This is my job. I get media to show up and cover my clients' news and events. Needless to say, this red carpet celebration and press conference was a success!
After a long 48 hours of running around like a crazy person, my coworker and I got to walk the red carpet at the Cosmopolitan launch party. If only someone would pay me to just show up and get my picture taken. Must be nice!
Here was my view from our room at the Cosmopolitan. Just seconds after I snapped this picture, I was passed out snoring. Only 2/3rds of my work trip was complete.
The next morning, I traded my bright Las Vegas lights for the busy city of San Francisco, where I was in town to do some training for another one of my accounts. During my one night in SF, I got to meet up with one of my girlfriends for dinner and to watch the Warriors game. It was a nice distraction from all the work and it was so nice to catch up with her! (Love you Jen!)

After all the travel, it was back to the office to start compiling the media hits and preparing reports. Which brings me to now, where I am in my PJs and SO ready for bed at 10pm on Friday night. And my husband is already fast asleep. He's had a busy couple days too... and he's got some exciting news that I can share soon!

Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


  1. Do you ever rest girl?! :) Excited to hear your exciting news!


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