Sunday, June 16, 2013

To my dad...

To be honest, it doesn't take a specially designated day, Father's Day, for me to remember to thank my dad and celebrate him for everything he's done and for everything he means to me. I think about this all the time. You see, my dad and I, we are cut from the same cloth. When I wake up tired in the morning because I tossed and turned, worrying about my sisters or all the things I need to do, I can bet my dad is doing the same. When I look in the mirror and loathe the bump in my nose, I can thank my dad for that Rosa nose. When I sneak out of bed in the middle of night to eat a Snickers or a scoop of ice cream, I definitely take after my dad. 

I may not know a lot of things, but I do know this: my dad is an amazing man. He supports my sisters and I in everything we do. He shows us tough love when he needs to, he shows us how to work hard, he shows us respect, he shows up. Always. If I had a million dollars, the first thing I would do is take care of him and my mom so they don't have to work anymore. My dad is always working. Sound familiar? I definitely got my work ethic from him!

I could go on for days about all the things my dad has taught me. But one thing I've learned for sure... I'm so lucky to call this guy my dad. 

One of my favorite pictures of my whole life. 
The Rosa nose. Thanks dad!
Dad and all his girls. 
World's best/coolest/most awesome parents. 
We make the best team!
My dad, and my hero, from day 1. 
Happy Father's Day dad! You are SO loved!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bad Habits

I'm not sure when or for what reason I suddenly came to this realization, but I have a lot of bad habits. And they aren't the typical bad habits like smoking or chewing my nails, they are the undercover, sneak-up-on-you-later kind of habits. They don't seem harmful on the surface, but now that I've given my daily behavior a deeper look, most of it probably isn't good for anyone!

Here are some examples of my bad habits:

- I end every single meal with something sweet (be it candy, cookies, ice cream, or even just a mint). Until sugar has been consumed, a meal is never over. Sometimes I even skip the meal and just go straight to dessert. One of the perks of being an "adult."
I'd kill for a chocolate molten cake and vanilla ice cream right now.
-I stay up way. too. late. Even if I know I have to be up early in the morning, I can rarely fall asleep at a decent hour. I've always been a night owl, but one of these days I would really love to break this habit and hit the pillow before midnight.

-I work too much. Just ask my husband. There are very few hours in a day when I am not on my computer or furiously typing away on the tiny keys of my blackberry. The client list is growing and the media never sleeps! (and neither do I, see above!)

-I tailgate. This is something I've denied for many, many years. Given my squeaky clean driving record, I consider myself a good driver. But after living in San Francisco for much of my adult life, I'm afraid I may have over-adapted and become too much of an aggressive driver. Corey hates riding with me, but Ruby will never turn me down!

-I fall asleep on the couch with peanut butter M&M's in my mouth. Ok, so this has only happened 3 times, so that doesn't exactly make it a habit, but probably one time is too many for behavior like this! Corey will come out and carry me to bed when I've fallen asleep on the couch, and I will just start crunching away! This worries him. Seriously.
These babies are dangerous... but soooo good!
-I test the gas light on my car. I'm an extremely responsible person, but when the gas light illuminates in my Honda Accord, that tells me I've got a few days to go before I need to stop for gas. Probably not the normal reaction to that little yellow light. But my Honda spoils me with its amazing gas mileage, and she's never steered me wrong (yet!). This is definitely going to bite me in the you-know-what one of these days.

-I rarely remove my makeup. I often (always?) fall asleep with a full day of makeup on my face, so much that I only have to touch up the next day and I'm ready to go. Gross, I know. Even the fact that it causes wrinkles and dry skin hasn't made my change my ways, but this is one thing I know I've got to work on!

-I dramatically over-sweeten my iced tea. When I'm at a restaurant, it's almost embarrassing how many packets of sugar it takes to satisfy my taste buds in terms of sweetening iced tea. When I brew my own at home, instead of measuring cups of sugar, I pour the bag and count to ten (pretty slowly, I might add) before I stop pouring. Yikes, that just sounds terrible when I actually type it out.
-I worry. A lot. About everything. This bad habit takes the cake in terms of all my bad habits. I know stress is bad, I know I can't possibly please everyone, and I know some things are just out of my control. But that doesn't stop me from thinking about things and literally sweating the small stuff. It's a part of me I can't turn off. I try, I really do. But it's in my Rosa blood to worry, and I like to think of it as a sign that I care. Even about the small stuff!

What are some of your bad habits? I'd love to hear them! (Readers from my mom's Facebook page... that includes you too!)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Random Recap

I keep thinking I'll get better at this blogging more frequently thing, but the days and weeks just keep flying by! Since Corey started his new job, I feel like a week passes by in an instant... and with Ruby's recent surgery/stitches nightmare (more on that below), I haven't had a second to sit still, let alone bust out the ol' blog. At any rate, here is a quick recap of the past two weeks. Who doesn't love a Memorial Day recap in June?

I had been looking forward to May 27th for ages because that meant a Monday away from the office! It was so nice to sleep in and get the house ready for company. We had my immediate family and some friends over for what was supposed to be a pool party, but the rain and weird weather kept the party inside for the most part. Still, nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by these people, and to have them come to me was even better!
Little Johnny Fontana is getting so big!
Brendan is also growing up way too fast!
The BFF and I eating all the appetizers before anyone else arrived.
The boys watching baseball in the back. Pretty standard. (And I must point out the A's beat the Giants this day!)
Nick & Kari.
Uncle Kyle giving Ruby kisses.
Johnny Fonnie and his momma Shawny!
The inside group. Love that my mom could leave work to make it and that my mom #2 could come too!
So the Friday before Memorial Day, I told you all about Ruby's "simple" surgery. Well, that surgery has been followed by two more surgeries because that little girl cannot keep the cone on! While she's home alone, Ruby gets bored and looks for trouble. And she is NOT a fan of wearing the cone. So what does she do? She simply chews through the cone and gets to her stitches. She's now opened them and had to have them re-stitched three times. Momma was not a happy camper this past week! But she's still so darn cute. At this point, her stitches have now been sealed for 4 straight days, so fingers crossed this will be it!
Clearly not a fan of the cone... And a special shout out to auntie Kayla for helping me with this little pill!
Poor baby girl has just been so miserable since her surgery. Hoping this all ends soon!
On Saturday, we celebrated my gram's birthday with breakfast at a bar. With the babies. Such a classic Rosa move! But it has some of the best breakfast in town! It's times like these that make me wish we had a birthday to celebrate every day because I love when we are all together.

And then on Sunday, following the boys' baseball game, we had pool time at my parents' house. I love that Corey, Bryan, Ben, Paul, and Obie are all on the same team. Takes Sunday Funday to a whole new level!
Yesterday, I went to Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento for the official press conference for the Kings' new head coach, Michael Malone. I was totally buying what he was selling... he sounded  a lot like my dad. That makes me excited for the future of the Kings for the first time in a long time!
So that's been my last few weeks in a nutshell. Lots of work, family time, and a recovering Ruby. Hope everyone is having a great week!