Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bad Habits

I'm not sure when or for what reason I suddenly came to this realization, but I have a lot of bad habits. And they aren't the typical bad habits like smoking or chewing my nails, they are the undercover, sneak-up-on-you-later kind of habits. They don't seem harmful on the surface, but now that I've given my daily behavior a deeper look, most of it probably isn't good for anyone!

Here are some examples of my bad habits:

- I end every single meal with something sweet (be it candy, cookies, ice cream, or even just a mint). Until sugar has been consumed, a meal is never over. Sometimes I even skip the meal and just go straight to dessert. One of the perks of being an "adult."
I'd kill for a chocolate molten cake and vanilla ice cream right now.
-I stay up way. too. late. Even if I know I have to be up early in the morning, I can rarely fall asleep at a decent hour. I've always been a night owl, but one of these days I would really love to break this habit and hit the pillow before midnight.

-I work too much. Just ask my husband. There are very few hours in a day when I am not on my computer or furiously typing away on the tiny keys of my blackberry. The client list is growing and the media never sleeps! (and neither do I, see above!)

-I tailgate. This is something I've denied for many, many years. Given my squeaky clean driving record, I consider myself a good driver. But after living in San Francisco for much of my adult life, I'm afraid I may have over-adapted and become too much of an aggressive driver. Corey hates riding with me, but Ruby will never turn me down!

-I fall asleep on the couch with peanut butter M&M's in my mouth. Ok, so this has only happened 3 times, so that doesn't exactly make it a habit, but probably one time is too many for behavior like this! Corey will come out and carry me to bed when I've fallen asleep on the couch, and I will just start crunching away! This worries him. Seriously.
These babies are dangerous... but soooo good!
-I test the gas light on my car. I'm an extremely responsible person, but when the gas light illuminates in my Honda Accord, that tells me I've got a few days to go before I need to stop for gas. Probably not the normal reaction to that little yellow light. But my Honda spoils me with its amazing gas mileage, and she's never steered me wrong (yet!). This is definitely going to bite me in the you-know-what one of these days.

-I rarely remove my makeup. I often (always?) fall asleep with a full day of makeup on my face, so much that I only have to touch up the next day and I'm ready to go. Gross, I know. Even the fact that it causes wrinkles and dry skin hasn't made my change my ways, but this is one thing I know I've got to work on!

-I dramatically over-sweeten my iced tea. When I'm at a restaurant, it's almost embarrassing how many packets of sugar it takes to satisfy my taste buds in terms of sweetening iced tea. When I brew my own at home, instead of measuring cups of sugar, I pour the bag and count to ten (pretty slowly, I might add) before I stop pouring. Yikes, that just sounds terrible when I actually type it out.
-I worry. A lot. About everything. This bad habit takes the cake in terms of all my bad habits. I know stress is bad, I know I can't possibly please everyone, and I know some things are just out of my control. But that doesn't stop me from thinking about things and literally sweating the small stuff. It's a part of me I can't turn off. I try, I really do. But it's in my Rosa blood to worry, and I like to think of it as a sign that I care. Even about the small stuff!

What are some of your bad habits? I'd love to hear them! (Readers from my mom's Facebook page... that includes you too!)


  1. I absolutely have to have something sweet after every meal, too! I try to deny myself, but it just makes the craving that much worse!

  2. Girllll, you DO need to stop working so hard ;) I thought I stayed up late, staying up til 11 most nights, but it sounds like you are averaging 4 hours of sleep a night haha! I'm totally guilty of riding my car until it's about to totally give out from not filling up with gas!

  3. I have a major sweet tooth too--I always want something sweet after dinner. Other bad habits: I forget to check the oil level in my car, can procrastinate like crazy, like to hit the snooze button, and leave clean folded laundry out instead of putting it away. So strange, I know!


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  5. I sleep in my makeup too unless M tells me to take it off I don't lol


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