Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Random Recap

I keep thinking I'll get better at this blogging more frequently thing, but the days and weeks just keep flying by! Since Corey started his new job, I feel like a week passes by in an instant... and with Ruby's recent surgery/stitches nightmare (more on that below), I haven't had a second to sit still, let alone bust out the ol' blog. At any rate, here is a quick recap of the past two weeks. Who doesn't love a Memorial Day recap in June?

I had been looking forward to May 27th for ages because that meant a Monday away from the office! It was so nice to sleep in and get the house ready for company. We had my immediate family and some friends over for what was supposed to be a pool party, but the rain and weird weather kept the party inside for the most part. Still, nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by these people, and to have them come to me was even better!
Little Johnny Fontana is getting so big!
Brendan is also growing up way too fast!
The BFF and I eating all the appetizers before anyone else arrived.
The boys watching baseball in the back. Pretty standard. (And I must point out the A's beat the Giants this day!)
Nick & Kari.
Uncle Kyle giving Ruby kisses.
Johnny Fonnie and his momma Shawny!
The inside group. Love that my mom could leave work to make it and that my mom #2 could come too!
So the Friday before Memorial Day, I told you all about Ruby's "simple" surgery. Well, that surgery has been followed by two more surgeries because that little girl cannot keep the cone on! While she's home alone, Ruby gets bored and looks for trouble. And she is NOT a fan of wearing the cone. So what does she do? She simply chews through the cone and gets to her stitches. She's now opened them and had to have them re-stitched three times. Momma was not a happy camper this past week! But she's still so darn cute. At this point, her stitches have now been sealed for 4 straight days, so fingers crossed this will be it!
Clearly not a fan of the cone... And a special shout out to auntie Kayla for helping me with this little pill!
Poor baby girl has just been so miserable since her surgery. Hoping this all ends soon!
On Saturday, we celebrated my gram's birthday with breakfast at a bar. With the babies. Such a classic Rosa move! But it has some of the best breakfast in town! It's times like these that make me wish we had a birthday to celebrate every day because I love when we are all together.

And then on Sunday, following the boys' baseball game, we had pool time at my parents' house. I love that Corey, Bryan, Ben, Paul, and Obie are all on the same team. Takes Sunday Funday to a whole new level!
Yesterday, I went to Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento for the official press conference for the Kings' new head coach, Michael Malone. I was totally buying what he was selling... he sounded  a lot like my dad. That makes me excited for the future of the Kings for the first time in a long time!
So that's been my last few weeks in a nutshell. Lots of work, family time, and a recovering Ruby. Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. I still can't get over how amazing your new house is. You and Corey did such a great job!!

    And poor Ruby...I hope she heals up asap!

  2. Oh no! Poor Ruby! Hoping things go better this time around.

    You should more updates of your house. It looks fantastic. Loving everything you guys have done!

  3. Your house is so gorgeous- I agree, I want to see more!! Hope Ruby is all better and leaves those stiches alone, silly girl!! ;)

    Your family always looks like they're having the best time ever. Please adopt Jared and I as honorary siblings so we can come too?!


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