Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July Weekend

July is my favorite month of the year. Nothing makes me happier than summer BBQ's, fireworks, baseball, and my birthday. Unfortunately this 4th of July, both Corey and I had to work. I was on assignment in San Francisco, overseeing the media efforts for Team New Zealand during the America's Cup opening ceremony. It was actually a cool experience, but I raced home just in time to eat dinner with my family and catch some fireworks up on the roof with my parents. It was actually a pretty fun day.

Since we both worked on that day, Corey and I decided we would have our own 4th of July BBQ at our house on Sunday. We had a great turnout of family and friends  to celebrate summer, and for many of them to see our new house for the first time. It was a day filled with lots of food, swimming, watching baseball, playing corn hole, chasing babies and visiting with family and friends.
Corey and all his buddies.
Me and Mr. Brendan.
Johnny cruising in the water with his momma.
Brendan dancing by the pool. Aren't his stars & stripes shorts adorable?
Little miss Ruby is quite the swimmer now. You can't get her out of the pool!
Was so glad I got to catch up with my childhood BFF, Angelina. She's still one of the funniest people I know!
The guys hangin out on the patio watching baseball.
Chef John hard at work on the grill. All the food was amazing!
Johnny and Bryan.

Ange, Joanne, Sole, Mrs. P and my mom keeping cool inside.
Candid shot at the bar. Finally figured out who ate all the chips (Brendan)!
Time to eat! On the menu: Tri-tip, teriyaki chicken, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, mom's famous pasta, green salad, fruit salad, potato salad, and garlic cheese bread.
Love this picture of Mrs. P and baby Caden!
We had such a good time hosting a house full of all our favorite people. Corey and I spent the next day recapping stories and talking about how much fun we had. We are already planning the next one, which will definitely include a very large jump house :) Just another reason why July is my favorite month!


  1. How fun! I can't wait to finally be in a house with a pool and host all of our family and friends! I am so jealous!

  2. What an awesome party! Wish I could have made it ;) Your house is seriously gorgeous.. and just looks like the perfect place to entertain!!


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