Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fun at the California State Fair

Just in time before it packed up its squeaky rides and makeshift exhibits for another town, my family and I hit the State Fair for an afternoon of rigged games, unhealthy food, and scamming carnies. I know, when I put it like that it sounds terrible! But in all seriousness, we had a lot of fun wasting money trying to win my nephews a minion, eating fried food and "browsing" booths for unnecessary goods. I was exhausted from the Justin Timberlake-Jay-Z concert from the night before (post coming soon), but I was so excited to take my nephews to the fair for the first time! Plus, it wasn't too hot and it wasn't too crowded, so we had a very enjoyable afternoon.
The infamous photo of an overpriced fair photo.
The boys didn't have much luck on the games, and Bryan wasn't very successful in his negotiations with the carnies. I'm convinced all the games are rigged, but I payed to play anyway!
The boys love their grandma! (the hot golden bear? not so much.)
Bryan and his huge fried turkey leg.
This was actually my first time ever on the gigantic slide.
Just for the family archives, I wanted to show the photo finish in which I won by a mile!
How cute does my mom look wearing Brendan's Superman hat?
P.S. Brendan is in the corner collecting rocks. No big deal. 
Beautiful momma Shawna and a tired Johnny.
It was a fun Saturday morning out in the sun with my family. Corey was catching up on his sleep, so he missed out, but we will be back again next year!

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  1. I know I say this time every time, but I just want to be part of your family :) Always so much fun with everyone involved! I love the fair-- we're hoping to go to a fun one next weekend, I haven't had my fix of fried food yet!!


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