Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's a Boy!

This weekend we got some more good news on the baby front. My youngest sister Janine and her boyfriend Silvio hosted a fab family dinner to announce the gender of their brewing bambino. In what is sure to be a new family tradition, my sister ordered a "gender reveal" cake to let us know the good news:
Following an informal family poll (in which more believed it would be a girl than a boy), there were a couple seconds of intense scrutiny while we all gathered around to witness the happy couple cut the cake. I was taking a video of it, and kept getting blocked by a bunch of heads as everyone crammed in closer, but I heard my older sister squeal, "it's blue!" as they pulled the knife out following the first cut. I would post the video here, but then I sort of lost my mind yelling "It's BLUE! It's BLUE!" and no one wants to hear that. I really wish I would have zoomed in on my mom's face because I remember her sitting there with her hands covering her mouth and eyes wide open. "I can't believe it! THREE beautiful grandsons!" she said. There were lots of hugs and OMGs before settling into a conversation about the generation of boys we are now living in.
I have to admit, I didn't really have a feeling one way or another on this one, but Nellie was so sure it was going to be a girl, she had bought a pretty little girl present - which she had to exchange on Saturday. I am just so excited to have another nephew that I can run around with and spoil. Plus, with every male our family pops out, our odds of a future major leaguer significantly increases, so I'm all about that. 

And then ultimately, the conversation somehow always steers to me: "Steph must be next!" and "Are you ever gonna have kids?" Well, maybe and yes. Yes, I am going to have kids at some point. Corey and I definitely want a couple kids of our own, but we're just not there yet. We are very much enjoying getting our house and careers in order, and just hanging out with the two of us and Ruby. That is enough for us right now. I suppose at some point I will just know when I'm ready, but we are in no rush. When my sisters start to lap me with baby #2, then we can start talking.
My nephews digging in to the cake!

For now, we're good with being uncle Corey and auntie Steeeee. 
xoxo Steph


  1. So many boys for your family! I love it! :) And I'm with you on the loving just being an Auntie right now too. Jared and I definitely want kids, and lots of them... but not just yet. I'm getting the questions big time though of when we're 'gonna get started' ha!

  2. I think you are destined to have a boy when the time comes! My dad had all brothers and they all ended up having only girls!


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