Thursday, January 23, 2014

On the juice.

Part of my New Year's resolution was to kick the sugar and eat healthier. While I haven't given up my old friend completely, I have done a much better job at substituting the candy and other unnecessary sugar for fresh fruit and veggies, thanks in large part to an addition to my morning routine: juicing.

I had read a lot about juicing in the past, but for some reason never really thought it was for me. I assumed it all tasted worse than wheat grass and besides, who has the time or money to grind up fruit and clean that machine every single day? But when Corey told me he wanted to start eating healthy again, I figured what better time than now to start using the brand new Jack LaLanne juicer that has been sitting on our kitchen counter, untouched, since our wedding more than a year and a half ago. So we headed to Sam's Club, bought nearly every fruit and vegetable they had, and whipped out the old instruction manual to get the juicer fired up. I have felt infinitely better ever since. 
In just a few short hours of research, I learned which fruits and vegetables were good for what and which ones juiced best. For example, I learned that celery is a good detoxifier, lemon is an amazing antioxidant, and that carrots are great for your skin while they also fight cancer and boost the immune system. I should have believed in the effects of juicing when my dad juiced daily while going through his cancer treatments. There are so many essential nutrients and vitamins in this stuff, it's no wonder I feel much more awake, have more energy, and have far fewer tendencies to snack on junk when I am juicing. 
Every day our juice is different, but I have found that the best and easiest fruits and vegetables to juice with are apples, carrots, cucumber, celery and strawberries. These all contain a good amount of juice and add just the right amount of sweetness to eliminate any bitter taste. We've also been juicing with kiwis, pineapple, spinach, oranges, lemons, broccoli, cucumbers, and any other seasonal fruit we can get our hands on. I haven't gotten all fancy with mixing certain vegetables to achieve a certain remedy for anything in particular, I just juice with what I have and haven't had a drink I didn't like. I honestly feel 100 times better when I start my day with fresh juice - I actually really miss it when I don't do it!
In terms of equipment, I mentioned that we got a really good juicer as a wedding gift, but a decent juicer can be purchased for less than $100. And in my personal experience, it is a worthy investment. Not only are we buying less food and less junk, but my body is now getting far more nutrients than it has ever gotten. 
The preparation and clean up is also what scares some people away from juicing, and I will say, it does take a little bit of time. At the beginning of the week, I wash and prepare all the fruits and veggies I can and store them in tupperware so that they are ready to be put directly into the juicer. This saves me SO much time each morning. And I've got the clean up part down to a science. The juicer comes a part into 5 pieces. I clean each one, leave them out on a towel to dry, and quickly reassemble when I get home from work so it's ready to go the next morning. Juicing probably adds 25 minutes to my morning routine, but it is more than worth it. 

With this lengthy health post, you'd think this was a paid advertisement for the juicing company, but it's not. I'm happy to share what works for me and maybe some of it will work for you. 

Happy juicing!
xo Steph 


  1. I am a new follower and fellow bay area blogger! :-) Good for you for sticking to juicing! I have gone back and forth about buying a juicer but am worried that if I buy one, I will use it a ton and then phase it out and stop using it...hmmm I think I'll sleep on it a bit longer. But those juices look amazing and I always love to drinking them!

  2. I have the same juicer! I love it!!


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