Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015: Time to fire up the ol' blog

As I spent my morning aimlessly clicking around on my computer, catching up on the latest NBA news, cleaning out my email inbox, and falling down the rabbit hole that is Twitter, something compelled me to click the icon marked  "The Sweet Life" that's been floating on my menu bar for more than three years now. I laughed and got a little misty eyed revisiting all the memories I had chronicled over the past year, and felt silently ashamed that I'd only blogged 6 times in the 12 months. My big family had continued to grow bigger, mine and Corey's relationship continued to grow stronger, and we continued to live the sweet life, just not online. And a part of me feels sad about that. I thoroughly enjoy clicking back through my personal history on my blog, and I know that one day when I'm old and grey, I'll wish I had kept up with it. So here I am, back to blogging … again.

While you wouldn't know it from my largely dormant blog, 2014 was another busy year for the Rosa family and our friends. In addition to birthdays, anniversaries, and countless weekend adventures, we added a new baby (Luca - who was born the day after my birthday), had another engagement (Nellie + Ben), saw two of our best friends get married (Paul + Kadie), and celebrated my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. Our own party traditions continued with my 5th annual Jumphouse Extravaganza and our 2nd annual Eat, Drink & Be Scary Halloween party. 

My work travels continued with my job taking me to Miami, Dallas, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Cleveland, and Akron, Ohio. It's a busy and crazy business, but I feel like I'm really finding my footing in the PR world. 

Corey and I also had a pretty amazing year in concerts. We saw the always amazing Justin Timberlake (twice), our favorite Keith Urban, Zac Brown Band, Brett Eldridge, and Thompson Square.

It wasn't all roses - we lost both my grandma and grandpa in the span of a month, had to celebrate the life of my best friend's grandpa B, and our beloved A's experienced an agonizing bounce from the playoffs. 

With a fresh year upon us, we have much more fun to look forward to, and I have a feeling it's going to be another eventful year. Looking forward to the adventures that await!

xo, Steph


  1. I've missed you! We need to catch up!

  2. I squealed just a little bit when I saw that you had posted! I love that you were one of my first 'blog friends' and i've missed being able to stalk you and see what you were up to ;) I also sent you a mega long email response awhile back so I hope you found it when you were cleaning out your inbox- hehe. Anyway, your post made me smile today and lord knows I needed one this morning! xo

  3. Happy New year (four months late). Sorry about your grandparents, I love my grandpa too. They will forever be in our hearts!

    On a happy note, you saw Zac Brown Band! How were they? Absolutely amazing???

    Happy Thursday gorgeous!



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